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Tough Job in Paradise

The applications for the Hamilton Island caretaker job on Australia's Great Barrier Reef have arrived in their thousands – from the sublime to the ridiculous. They have come from all over the world except North Korea and Western Sahara. Aussiejob

I wonder why no one from North Korea applied? Could it be that their lives are already enchanted, and they are experiencing paradise already?

More likely the poor folk there are so state controlled that even if they saw the job advertised, they would not be able to respond.

This is encouraging, in a strange way, because it means that other countries with restrictions are allowing some form of web freedoms. China for example – however limited.

The Australians have said this is a genuine position, however they now have to sift through over 30,000 applications.

They can eliminate the obvious jokers fairly quickly. The ones from Osama Bin Laden and Robert Mugabe for example, and other similar ones which have been rather obscene!

There have been a large number of applicants from Canada and Britain we are informed, as well as some from Zimbabwe (Bob Mug must have sent multiples).

Others have sent pictures of themselves wearing bikinis in the snow, as if this will get them through the final selection process. Some have sent videos of their pets recommending them for the job (the wonders of editing software), and others have sent pictures of themselves wrapped in the Australian flag, hugging kangaroos and koalas!

Whoever thought this up is surely to get a great book out of it!

Applications are still open, and will close on the 22nd February. Fifty specialist recruitment agents have to whittle them down to a short list before the "prize" is announced on the 2nd of April.

This vacancy has become a phenomena. Of course, what many don't realise is they have a better chance of living on Si'mybio than the sun-kissed, tropical white sands of Hamilton Island!

Anyway – good luck to them all – the wild and the wonderful!

February 20, 2009 - Posted by | Travel

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  1. You can count me in! It’s like a survival of the fittest. What else can I ask for? An el grande’ vacations of sorts. 🙂


    Comment by naiza | February 21, 2009 | Reply

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