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Not the Sound of Music (part 1)

My eldest daughter, who has always regarded life in general with a superficial air and rarely thinks deeper than the first layer of an onion, remarked to me today – after attending the stage version of "The Sound of Music" at the London Palladium – that throughout the whole performance  "Hitler" was never mentioned by name. 

Whilst Nazi imagery was prominent (as in the movie), every time someone raised their arm to give a salute ie "Heil", it was followed by a pause, thereby allowing the audience to assume that the next word would be "Hitler"! 

She observed, in her usually detached persona, that this was political correctness gone mad, but in general it did not detract from her enjoyment of the show.

I doubt she would ever have mentioned it, had I not told her that a swastika dating back 2,000 years was discovered in a Roman villa on the Isle of Wight. 

I've just visited the huge excavated site there and saw this symbol of Nazi oppression embedded in a beautiful mosaic floor that was walked upon by who knows who, back in the 1st Century AD.

However this post is not about that just yet, that will come in "part 2". This post is about political correctness and health and safety.

 "What are you talking about" I hear you ask! 

Well,  back when the new Scottish Assembly was finding it's teeth, It followed the Irish Republic government's initiative and banned smoking in public places. Unfortunately this also meant the stage. So Mel Smith – a well known actor – who was portraying Winston Churchill in a theatre in Edinburgh at the time, fell foul of the law because it would mean lighting a cigar. 

Churchill was never seen without holding a smoking cigar, but the officious new Scottish Parliament were adamant. "No smoking" meant no smoking! So the actor had to carry his prop unlit.

Winston's long dead – having lead his country to victory against those who threatened our freedoms. Meanwhile the new parliamentarian socialists (be they devolved from Westminster or not) make laws which would never have even been possible without him! I'm sure he would have a few choice words to offer.

I think we know where he would have told them to stick his Havana!

February 23, 2009 - Posted by | Current Affairs, General


  1. This is another great post and just shows the absurdity of all this and I can speak from personal experience.
    The next bit I say might be treading on dangerous ground so if you like you can delete it. I have just written a lens on Squidoo about this believe it or not, my personal experiences with political correctness, that is.


    Comment by spook | February 24, 2009 | Reply

  2. As someone who has been known to “tread the boards” and also produced and directed a few shows in my time, having to judge what is allowable in these “PC” days can cause much angst. Some of it is obvious but the fear is that you will accidentally miss something. You want the headlines to be about a great show, not about how in a few words you managed to upset what is usually the minority.
    But boy isn’t it amazing how the minority seems always to be able to shout louder than the majority!


    Comment by AJ | February 24, 2009 | Reply

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