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Lapu Lapu, Magellan and the Philippines…

488 years ago today all hell broke loose. It was March 16th, 1521 when Ferdinand Magellan and his ramshackle, depleted expedition landed on Homonhon Island – the first transitory step on an archipelago that was later to become the Philippines.

The local rajahs accepted him with surprising submission – except one – Lapu Lapu of Mactan,Lapu-lapu002
who wasn't going to kowtow to this stranger from the west, and successfully routed him and his soldiers and sent them packing.

Unfortunately it also resulted in  the death of Ferdinand (April 27th)  who, out of character, was exceptionally careless with his approach on this occasion.

Nevertheless, it led to the eventual conquest and colonisation by Spain over this jewelled land.

If you're interested in the subject, follow this link for my compact and entertaining overview of the period and beyond.

On the subject of the Philippines, Mrs Bardiness and I have just booked our flights to Manila next month.

We found a bargain price on the Sultan of Brunei's airline, although just as we were booking, the price increased by an extra 100 quid. Just our bad luck the fares changed on that day – but it's still the best around. Let's hope there are no more surprises in store.

The worst airline experience I ever encountered was with Air Lingus to Baltimore (you can read about it amongst other tales here) and I'll be quite happy for them to remain top of the list!

As for Royal Brunei Airlines, I have never flown with them before, nor ever been to Bandar Seri Begawan where we will stay for a few hours, so I shall look forward to a new and hopefully pleasant visit.

I'll be taking my laptop, so expect a running commentary if time permits.


March 16, 2009 - Posted by | The Philippines

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