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Pacquiao v Hatton…more than the fight of the year?

My up and coming visit to the Philippines will coincide with the Pacquiao-Hatton boxing match on May 2nd.Pacquiao-hatton

This event almost didn't happen (I mean the fight, not my visit – although they are both equally significant!) due to the Filipino World Champion wanting a greater cut of the purse.

He desired 60/40.

After intense negotiations it was finally agreed that the share would be 52/48.

It was also hoped the fight would take place in London, but now it is in Las Vegas.

Money rules all the way!

However, it is sheer good luck that I will be in the Philippines to watch the fight, and I can think of no greater place to be for it!

My loyalty will be divided, but envisaging being surrounded by a partisan crowd, there's no question that I will be supporting the home grown lad from Manchester, but I think his opponent is just too powerful.

And yet the Philippines doesn't have great sporting heroes on an international stage – I would joyously back him root and branch under any other circumstances – What a dilemma!

Both these men are great ambassadors for their sport.

I don't worry about their desire to each earn a decent amount of pay from the fight (it's rumoured Pacquiao could earn $20m).

After all, boxing is a game where money flows abundantly in big fights, especially to the organisers, agents and promoters, so why shouldn't these guys strive for as much as they can get?

Both are a major draw, and Hatton has a huge UK base which will contribute to the pay-per-view revenue.

There are few boxers who survive intact to live a "normal" life, so good luck to them both!

If Hatton wins I hope he will call it a day and relax in his fame and wealth, but I doubt it – boxers are always encouraged to go for that extra round, that extra mile, that extra dollar!

It takes conviction over pride to say no, and strength and skill in the ring is purely secondary when the bright lights of expectation are upon them!

As for Manny the Pac-Man (as he is nicknamed) he has designs on entering politics. He is regarded by some as a "Robin Hood" figure.

Sportsmen, like film stars, should stay out of politics – there are other ways for them to get involved in social welfare.

Filipinos have a tendency to vote for celebrities first and manifestos second.

So I say to Manny Pac – steer clear and be independent! Use your wealth and influence wisely – and win or lose, be proud of your achievements!


April 2, 2009 - Posted by | The Philippines

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  1. Interesting, however if you do not mind me saying so, how can the fight be in Las Vegas and the Philippines at the same time?


    Comment by Spook Moor | April 4, 2009 | Reply

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