"..a bardy view!"

The name’s Blur. Tony Blur. 007 (million dollars)

Be an ex-prime minister and make loads of dosh!

It's been reported that the UK's ex-PM has made a whopping £350,000 after a 36 hour stint in the Philippines. He gave two lectures where the ticket prices were at least £350 per head.James_bond_11

He's now the worlds highest paid public speaker, and has raked in a massive £15m since quitting office.

Not bad for someone who was smart to walk away at the right time and hand over massive financial woes and a discredited legacy to his chancellor, and unelected replacement – the power-hungry Gordon Brown.

Still, that wouldn't have mattered a jot to Gordon – he just wanted to move next door to no.10 at any cost. He's the UKPM who met the USBO, and never a more cringe-worthy backslapping, sycophantic display of mutual arse-licking has been seen.

Is it any wonder that all these MP's have got their snouts in the trough and milking the expenses system, when any sense of principle and moral compass is as old fashioned as the act of resigning with dignity?

Anyway, back to Tony Blair, yes him! The titles of his two half-hour speeches were: "The Leader as Nation Builder in a Time of Globalisation", and "The Leader as Principled Negotiator".

Both of them sound like application thesis to the Open University for a course in World Politics.

He really hit it off in the Philippines. The media was saturated with him. Who exactly were prepared to pay these prices flabbergasts me, but you can bet that a healthy dose of celebrities, tycoons, politicians and wealthy expats made the audiences.

None of these, of course, represent the people. The price of half an hour with Tony would have provided half a years supply of rice for the average Filipino family. A year for the desperate poor, of which 40% of the population falls into.

The hypocrisy of all this astonishes me. Here in London, unknown amounts have been spent on hosting the G20 summit, both in security and accommodation.

Never mind about all the wonderful food and drink on offer. These heads of government gathered en masse to discuss and attempt to resolve the worlds ills.

In two days they were expected to resolve the financial crisis, address world poverty, act on the environment, and restore confidence in the markets. Every protester from the student to the pensioner, the anarchist to the communist, the tenant to the homeowner,from the highlands and islands wanted to make a point!

Meanwhile,Tony Blair pontificates about political theory to an audience in a country that doesn't need any outsiders to solve it's problems. An audience which wished to be seen – a celebrity attachment – something to put on a brochure, a flyer or a business promotion.

there are 100 ways better to spend £350, and if everyone in that audience did that, maybe they could make a real difference in the country they live in!

You don't need to listen to Tony Blair to solve your problems. Anyone who does has not learnt a thing since 1997!


April 7, 2009 - Posted by | Politics


  1. I’m always amazed at we folks won’t do to each other.


    Comment by Alex Crabtree | April 8, 2009 | Reply

  2. Anyone who is prepared to listen to todays politicians of whatever persuasion, surely needs his own head read. The level of incompetency by governments in todays world is pretty obvious. However they have all jumped on the bandwagon of certain leaders of African countries and followed suite.What a way to make money hey! Run countries, societies and anything else you can think of into the ground. What’s more you get paid lavishly for doing all this. Come together lads before it is too late. Whoops perhaps it already is?


    Comment by spook | April 8, 2009 | Reply

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