"..a bardy view!"

Morecambe, Wise and Previn….

New age comedians whilst pretending to be bold, invariably are conscious of political correctness. Consequently if they have a dig at Colonel Blimp's opinion from Tunbridge Wells, they will categorise him, and anyone else who has the same thought process as a "Daily Mail" reader.  Morcandwise

Most of them are new labour champagne socialist clones who pretend to have their finger on the pulse of the nation. Everyone is fair game who follows the "right wing" press.

There was a time when Sun readers used to be the brunt of the humour, but that has long since faded due to it's association with the "Chav".

I always wondered what that word meant. I knew they dressed in Burberry, overdid the bling (jingly jangly), and spoke with dropped vowels and glottal-stops, but now I've learnt what the word means: Council House And Vulgar.

 Non-Brit readers should know that council housing = social housing.

The fact that the Conservative Pime Minister Margaret Thatcher gave the freedom for most of them to buy their homes seems to have got lost in the acronym.

Most "socially" housed people today are tenants of housing associations or private landlords, which are far removed from the council (local authority) original remit to provide a decent, affordable home for all (an old Labour post-war initiative, formed out of a vision of fair play and equal opportunity).

How ironic that Mrs T, when asked in her later years what her greatest legacy was, replied "Tony Blair and New Labour".

Anyway, in an age of d-list celebrity worship, and "chav" culture, most comedians and even opinionated newspaper columnists shy away from attacking them.

It seems they are the electorate with clout, to the extent that even senior politicians will pander to the simplest inane popularity and cringe-making deference.

They don't realise that most of these "reality tv/Big Brother" obsessed boozers and sunbed worshippers wouldn't recognise a ballot paper if it was wrapped around a Barby-sized doll of Max Clifford. Let alone possess the ability to make a cross in a square utilising an instrument commonly known as a pencil!

Why am I saying all this? The fact is that there doesn't seem to be any "right of centre" or "middle-ground" comedians around anymore, which makes the Daily Mail/Telegraph reader as easy to hit as a grouse during the hunting season.

Then again, are there any comedians who are neither left nor right – you know – just generally funny guys? Previn

I recently saw a clip of Andre Previn on the Morecambe and Wise Show (4 second lead in – stick with it). It was superb. Can you think of any comedy programme today that would have the principle conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra as a guest, and make the sketch so funny and inoffensive?

"Little Britain" maybe – but only to make crass bog-shite out of it!

Dumb Britain. Little Britain. Lost Britain. That's progress!

Hey! Where's my Daily Mail?


April 10, 2009 - Posted by | United Kingdom

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  1. Please Sir, but what is a pencil?
    In the hallowed green isle where I live Mrs.T. is considered a criminal of the highest order and a damn fool to boot. Perhaps therefore it stands to reason the current political leaders have lead us from a boom into a bust and the new mini-budget is not just a joke but a travesty. Will leave it there before I burst into tears.


    Comment by Spook Moor | April 10, 2009 | Reply

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