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D:Ream A Pale Reflection of a Blue Dot

It's odd that it takes a featherweight scientist to draw attention to a subject which I had on Squidoo for a long time. However, when the BBC is behind it then one can expect a much greater audience than my modest one.

I moved my lens Fragile Earth from Squidoo to Hubpages because it sat unwanted and was gathering dust.Earth

The gist of it is the "pale blue dot" as described by Carl Sagan – he of "Cosmos" fame.

Yes, it's an evocative and emotional stirring subject, and Sagan was an expert in expression.

Sadly I'm not impressed by physicist and broadcaster Brian Cox's over indulgent and sycophantic tribute to his science hero as broadcast by BBC's Radio Four.

Cox is a particle physicist. But I would describe him as a lightweight particle!

He has the annoying habit of being overdramatic, where every adjective is rolled, expanded, chewed and omitted until the listener wished he'd just swallowed each cliche, instead of spitting them out on the pavement like used and annoying bubble gum.

The BBC are clearly attracted to him because he presents a young(ish), and "refreshing" approach to quantum physics.

He's even one of those daring chaps who are involved with the Hadron Collider. You know, that underground tunnel in Switzerland designed to hit atoms at near the speed of light and recreate the big bang? Fear not – it didn't work!

They spent millions of dollars setting up the experiment, and are now engaged in preparing it again for some future date.

But back to Professor Brian. He was a band member of D-Ream. Think of the New Labour anthem "Things can only get better" – yes, we've all heard it! I can even remember all those failed future ministers dancing to it. 

Who can forget John Prescott giving it the full whammy? How I wish to forget!

I've seen Cox's recent documentaries for the BBC, and I'm sorry to say they are third rate.

Most notably his last "Do you know what time it is?" where he successfully confused his viewers with absolute bullshit in an attempt to explain that we never know what the real time is, so there's no point in looking at the clock!

I remember sand grains through the palms of a hand as an example.Very original!

However, the budget for the programme (i.e. taxpayers money) was obviously substantial, and therefore he, his camera and sound-men must have had a nice jolly travelling the world to make up an hours worth of programming (an hour, incidentally, according to his theory, could not have existed!).

Everything about Brian Cox's delivery and appearance comes across with an amateur, juvenile and patronising air.

Do we really need the "experts" to also present a show? I can think of some who made it work: David Attenborough, Gerald Durrell, Jacques Cousteau, Michael Wood. But the majority know that it's better to allow a skilled narrator to present their work for them.

I'm sorry to say that Professor Brian Cox is a damp squib in this company.



April 12, 2009 - Posted by | Science

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