"..a bardy view!"

Barangay Balm…

As the Gamu Gamu dance around the filaments, enjoying their all too brief existence on the planet, the palaka march with regimental precision from the damp undergrowth, bravely avoiding the hazards of a rogue passer-by, and eventually mark time, awaiting their feast to fall.

Meanwhile the Butiki cling to the walls and watch patiently. They know their dinner is also nigh. The palmeras drip their rainwater, and the air is fresh and perfumed. Such are the moments of a tropical night after a friendly deluge has marked it's presence and moved on – it weaker – we wealthier.

It's not easy to tap away on the computer when the moths (gamu gamu) are falling like white confetti, with the frogs (palaka) patiently waiting with mouths agape for the fodder to fall into them!

As for the lizards (butiki), they will not return to the undergrowth, but stick around like the permanent house guests they are, and clear up the leftovers.

Welcome to a balmy evening in a Philippines barrio.

And the palmeras? Merely palm leaves in abundance, which collect natures essence, provide sustenance for their lodgers, and return the bounty to earth when the bows tip!

The gamu gamus are spent. The palakas fed and retired, and the butikis slink to their secluded corners. It is at times like these, when the night is still with only the cicadas singing, that reflections are to the fore.

It is at a time like this, that only a post such as this, can be composed!

Look out for the next instalment on this theme – the Bouncing Beetles of the Barangay….


May 19, 2009 - Posted by | The Philippines

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