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A Gurkha Victory – Another Hard Battle Won!

The Gurkhas are now allowed into Britain. What was the problem? Ghurka

The problem was that the Blurbrown (Brownblur?) British Government was so out of touch with public opinion, that they thought we'd all had enough of immigrants, and it would be a popular move to restrict them.

Well there's a big difference between economic migrants, asylum seekers and Nepalese soldiers whose loyalty to the Crown have seen them stand fast, through thick and thin, defending and fighting for the British.

Oh! They got it so wrong – and another u-turn demonstrated the pathetic inept shower of a government chasing their own tail, oblivious to the reality around them. Even dogs know when to give up!

Such was the backlash of their original insensitive and crass dismissal regarding the case, they subsequently buckled when they could have shone.  That's what they do. How many times does an insignificant minister spout political garbage, only to later slink with his or her tail between the legs, like a reprimanded puppy? A government which lurches from one disaster to another, yet hangs on pretending that all is still rosy in the garden!

And so the ridiculous incumbent of Home Secretary (once an office of statesmanship, now nothing more than an opportunity to claim allowances on a second home), stands up in Parliament and hypocritically announces that the British Government welcomes the brave Gurkhas to our shores! You couldn't make it up!

Yes, there was indeed political capital to be made by the opposition. Yes, it was an opportunity for the press to get in a tizzy, and yes, having an attractive, articulate spokesperson like Joanna Lumley to advance the cause all helped.

But perhaps we should remember that we also have a head of state in the UK – the Queen, and I would bet my bottom dollar that she played a hand in this. She's restricted by protocol not to publicly express opinions, but she's got four kids, one of whom is the next heir, and he voiced his opinion most delicately with true rapier precision.

The watching world may be bemused by our adherence to monarchy, but Her Maj has seen it all. I believe she probably fumes with frustration and despair over her morning cuppa.

But she has bite and influence, and no finer servant to the nation has there been, for indeed she has demonstrated this by her service and commitment for nearly 60 years.

Shakespeare once said uneasy lies the head that wears a crown – but then, he'd never heard of Gordon Brown!

I know whose head lies uneasy today!


May 21, 2009 - Posted by | Politics, United Kingdom

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  1. Another excellent post. How any government could do this in the first place considering the Gurkha’s history, is beyond my capacity to understand. Talk about being stabbed in the back, ask any old Rhodesian.
    How sad the people who rule us in the world today really are. Gives cheesy grin, nods, winks and puts it down on his expense account. Even the woman are in on this buying naughty films on their expense account. When will people ever learn?


    Comment by Spook Moor | May 22, 2009 | Reply

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