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British Telecom, Man United, and the Curry Cup!

My broadband went down on the bank holiday without so much as a by your leave.

So having spoken to half the population of India, they eventually agreed, after much heart rending analysis, to arrange an engineer to call.

So here we have the primary communications provider in the UK, namely British Telecom, actually farming out their customer services 4000 miles away in the Asian Sub-Continent!

These Indian call-centre workers are not technicians, do not have local geographic knowledge, but they do follow a script, and call themselves Jason or Tiffany, because their own names may seem foreign to the British caller. I see! There obviously aren't any Indians in the UK.

Well, the names are irrelevant – what matters is the service. So BT, whether it is Jutinder or Samira, Chardonney or Wayne who answers, all I want is concerned competence, not polite inefectuallity (and I don't care where in the world it originates).

One said to me that there was on "outage" in South East England. "Are you in that area he asked?" I said I was in London. "But is that in south-east England?" he asked again!

I was tempted to order a chicken Madras with chapati and chutney on the side, but concluded it would likely get lost on route!

He was the fifth "technical assistant" which I'd spoken to in as many hours, each one of whom had me unplugging, re-wiring, re-programming, and stretching the end of my tether!

They are all very polite – indeed they monitor current UK events. "How is Manchester United doing?" they ask as if I cared a jot! I was about to say that they're in the Champions League Final against Barcelona (I heard it on the news), but thought otherwise.

"Well they've just trounced Calcutta in the Indian Curry Cup" I replied with frustration.

"Really! That's very nice sir! Is there anything else I can help you with today?"

I did get an engineer round who fixed the problem (an exchange fault apparently). And he confirmed there was an outage, but it had nothing to do with me – in fact it was 150 miles away!

A little knowledge is more trouble than it's worth, and in this case delayed the resolution! Still, it's good blog fodder!



May 27, 2009 - Posted by | Culture

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  1. Whilst it may not be known to you the same thing happens in these Emerald Isles where we are transcendental meditated to the local yokel as well. Thanks for the laugh, still trying to suppress the mirth.


    Comment by Spook Moor | May 27, 2009 | Reply

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