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Tawas and Gugo….

Constantly buying hair care products? Overwhelmed by the jargon which claims silky, thick hair with Protein rich root protection, enriched with all the wonderful natural flora from the rainforest? Don't forget the conditioners – both pre and post!

Just peruse the ingredients then stand back amazed by the chemicals in the bottles, or what's left after the 98% aqua is removed!

A few years ago I was one of those gullible folk which the marketing men adore. Then I read an article from an eminent scientist who blew the whole confidence trick apart. His main point was about mass produced anti-perspirants and deodorants. "We are applying these things religiously with little thought of what they are doing to our bodies" he said. He was particularly scathing about them, to the extent that he has banned them from his home. He's got young kids and was very worried about their early exposure to them. "They can make their own choices when they get older" he remarked. Fair enough!

He mentioned that his wife used a natural deodorant developed from alum crystals which did the job perfectly well. I mentioned this to Mrs Bardiness, who amazingly didn't hesitate in recognition. "Its Tawas" she said. Alum crystals, known as Tawas in the Philippines is a truly effective and inexpensive chunk of kit. A small odourless crystal, no bigger than a lime, moistened in water and applied to the underarms will keep you sweat free all day. If it works in the tropics, then it's a breeze in the northern hemisphere. I've been using it ever since. One chunk will last for weeks. I've even managed to keep my friends!

What's this got to do with shampoo I hear you mumble? Well, once you've discovered nature's own (lets face it, for hundreds of years people survived without Smithkline Proctor, Beecham & Gamble, and brand names like Pantene Essences, Hairbal & Shoulders, plus all the other global names vying for our custom), you realise that the best and only true multi-national in the business is Nature herself!

The bark of the Gugo tree is dried and subsequently accessible in very short thin rectangular pieces. Soak one of these in water for a few minutes and pour the liquid over your head. The soapy solution is purely natural, cleans, refreshes and leaves the mop with bounce. It's even claimed that it thickens the hair and prevents dandruff and hair loss. I don't know about that (although my follicles are still strong, and I don't have snow), but I do know that it's a veritable pleasure to employ.

One slice of bark will last for several washes, and when you leave the shower your head will feel much more stimulated than if you've just assaulted it with the latest, super-duper solution created by Loreal Hardy and dispensed from a NASA designed ergo-dynamic receptacle.

I'm not going to advertise all this stuff, I don't sell it nor have any vested financial interest. My point is that you don't have to be an eco-warrior or environmental nutcase just to make sensible choices in everyday life.

I recycle. I make my own compost. I reject modern packaging, and I consider my energy use and carbon footprint. I never fly short-haul. I don't own a second home in the Balkans, nor have a holiday pad or timeshare in Costa del Paella. I'd sooner have my thumbs screwed to the armrests of an Aeroflot seat than jump on RyanJet or EasyAir.

It all takes little effort and I do it purely because it's the sensible thing to do.


May 27, 2009 - Posted by | The Philippines

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  1. I could do with a bit of dosh. Aye tae thrill o’ it. Otherwise I understand your point of view and entertaining as always.


    Comment by spook | May 27, 2009 | Reply

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