"..a bardy view!"

Gordon Bennett!

Lets return to Gawdon Bennett (I mean Brown). My favourite subject at the moment. I wonder if I'm turning into one of those Daily Mail readers who bemoan everything from the state of fish and chips to the degradation of society because the fabric of the nation is un-threading at the seams?

No! This is just common-sense. Lets go back to gold.

I said in an earlier post that 60% of the UK's gold reserve was sold on the cheap ten years ago, to provide a quick boost for spending on New Labour's manifesto, especially in education. The UK lost £5 billion as a result.

Now we are in such a mess that cuts in education are designed to save £2 billion. Indeed, we now learn there are too many students and they will have to be reduced as well.

In addition to headteachers and other senior staff, schools will have to be merged, capping on facilities introduced, and elsewhere other services across the board will get the axe.

I really wish I could write about something else, but this subject is too important. It's important because we have been conned. Tricked by stealth and gloss, by a bunch of idiots who should never have been allowed deck-chairs on Brighton Beach, never mind seats in Westminster.

Let me get this right. Education was the flagship of Tony Blair's government. To encourage more and more young people to go to university, get a good job, and escape the cycle of unemployment and welfare benefits. A plethora of new universities were created, offering a host of new subjects, all offering a degree.

Whoa! Hold on…this is all very well, but surely in order to go to university, there has to be academic acumen? Right! So the solution was to make sure everyone was qualified to do so.

98% of school leavers now pass their A levels – a qualification necessary to get to university. Such is the volume of highly intelligent pupils, the pass has become so devalued there is nothing to distinguish the good from the bad.

Employers complain that such is the level of applicants with a string of A levels, they must embark on simple literacy tests to establish ability. They regularly discard application forms because they have been written in mobile phone "text" speak or email shoddiness.

But that's no drawback to universities. They need the numbers to justify their existence, and are happy to churn out degree holders in such subjects as media, fashion, travel and catering.

All worthwhile I suppose, but intransigent and transitory and producing such a glut few will obtain their prospects and invariably settle for much less.

Meanwhile core subjects, medicine, science, engineering, physics and mathematics all suffer from a shortage. Why? Because true ability and studious discipline is required for them.

So these young people escaped the dole queues and went for further education instead, and took out student loans for the privilege, many totalling over £20,000, to be paid back when they start work. But they are not starting work, there are no jobs, but all have embarked into reality with debt, and lots of it!

What now? Where do they go? Even the most menial jobs are occupied by migrant workers with whom they cannot compete due to the work ethic employed by them and willingness to accept low pay. A migrant workforce actively encouraged by this government to the tune of half a million at least.

The same government which was adamant to emphasise when the eastern European and former Soviet bloc countries joined the EU that only 14,000 were expected to seek employment in Britain. How wrong did they get that?

So now our ex-students are unemployed, saddled with debt (taxpayers money), and returning to the benefits system (taxpayers money) which they were so encouraged to avoid under New Labour's early visions.

Encouraged then, by the same man running the country now! How on earth is it that we fell for all this garbage, hook line and sinker?

He and his cronies surely are trying to clean up their own mess, but at least sick dogs return to their own vomit and don't expect their owners to eat it up for them!

The most humane solution is to put the creatures out of their misery. Still, the vet is booked in eight months time. I hope the end is painless!


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