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Pacman Eats Up His Opponents….

Manny Pacquiao marches on ruthlessly and is without doubt the best pound for pound boxer of his generation, possibly ever. Pacquiaocottopic

This time, in Las Vegas, it was Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto who failed to stop the fighting machine and the stage is set for a super-charged combat with the American Floyd Mayweather Jr.

I've blogged about this Filipino boy wonder before, the last time when he trounced Britain's Ricky Hatton back in May. It was painful to watch, and only lasted two rounds. Although that fight was also in Vegas, I was fortunate to be in the Philippines at the time, and remember vividly the euphoria and expectation of his countrymen.

Sure, I had divided loyalties, but after seeing the ruthless execution of his opponent, it was clear that the Pacman deserves his reputation. Now, fighting at his heaviest ever – 145 pounds – this is his seventh title in successive weights – a world record!

Pacquiao is fast, very fast, and powerful. It is this combination of speed and pneumatic-power which demolishes his opponents. Both Cotto and Hatton have remarked about this, and in the latter case, it was devastating.

Yet it's not only the opponents who suffer, the fans do too, and on Sunday (Manila time), three of them, in the excitement of watching their hero, suffered heart attacks – one fatally.

But there's much more to this man other than boxing. If everything can be believed, he is a loving son, very religious, adopts a high moral code, and uses his considerable wealth to benefit the poor. He has funded hospitals, communities, and expressed a desire to enter politics.

He is regarded as a national hero, and a superb icon and example for the young.

Filipinos love their celebrities, and there is no doubt that if Pacquiao decided to run for President, his opponents would be out for the count – even before a single punch was landed! 


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  1. I truly respect this man. He is a true Filipino hero. He made the he raised the Philippine as well as the Filipinos everytime he had a fight. Nowadays, I don’t think, even Mayweather would beat him. No doubt, he really is the king of the rings! He also act as a king with a helping hand inside and outside that ring. That’s true that he shares his wealth for the sake of others to have hope. But I think it would be better if he remains that way and never cross the path of being a politician. That destination is yours Mr. Pacman. Please do maintain the respect of many Filipinos looking through your greatness.


    Comment by tramadol | November 17, 2009 | Reply

  2. I hear the fight with Mayweather may not take place because of the proximity to next years election. Apparently Pacquiao is keen to run for congressman to represent Sarangani province.
    I think he should take the fight. He can always run again in a few years time. But as you say, maybe he should stay out of politics, it has a bad influence, regardless of a persons best intentions.


    Comment by Bard | November 18, 2009 | Reply

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