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Killer Kangaroos and Great Britain

The news that a kangaroo not only attacked a dog but also it's owner must send spasms of fear in the Australian populace. Skippy would never have behaved in such a way.Union-jack1

It reminds me of the joke how the odd marsupial got it's name.

Apparently it received it's moniker from a Scotsman.

Trapped in an outside toilet in the outback of Australia – back in the early days -  he was screaming "ah canna geh oot! Ah canna geh oot!" (it was a glottalstop with a silent "t").

At the same time the strange jumping animal was hopping by innocently.

Folk who came to his rescue subsequently associated this wannabee wallaby as a Kang ar roo!

Jokes aside, this national emblem of Australia has enjoyed a greater prominence than that other symbol of uniqueness – the Aborigine. It would be unfair to associate them both in the same sentence, after all, one gets culled regularly to maintain a healthy population, whilst the other was once culled due to man's inhumanity to man.

Its a provocative statement, but the facts speak for themselves, and there are no winners in this.

At the time of European settlement it's estimated there were almost half a million indigenous people who had lived in Australia for 40,000 years.

As well as diseases such as smallpox which were brought by the early settlers and decimated the population, land and resources accounted for just as much of the decrease of native numbers. Add to that racial prejudice and perceived superiority, and they, like many elsewhere, were under threat.

The British will always be cited as the forebears of this, just as much as that which occurred in North America with the indigenous people there.

But whilst they may have lit the blue touch paper, it was successive governments which continued it, long after the British held no influence.

It's worth noting that it was after the American Civil War (fought to liberate slaves) that the states were unified and expanded westward, reducing the native peoples – long after the dastardly British (who abolished slavery years earlier) were gone.  What happened to those tribes and Indian nations (for that's what they were, regardless of the political correct idioms) is a history lesson not able to express itself with justice here.

Australia must come to it's own self-soul searching, just as the Americans and everyone else who finds the British a convenient excuse to justify their history.

As an Englishman, I don't feel any need to apologise. The world is not perfect, but at least a better place for having a British styled parliamentary democracy. Countries which had it and lost it turned into corrupt and exploitative regimes.

Think Zimbabwe and Burma and a host of other tin-pot African and Mid-East and Asian countries. Those that have kept it are fortunate that they have it. The flip side is to look at Spain and Portuguese influences where corruption and bad government abound – South America for example. Spain certainly must look at it's contribution to the world, and the virtual extermination of the Incas, Aztecs et al and the desire, at any expense to introduce global Catholicism.

No. I do not apologise for being English. Nor will you find me atoning for my ancestors sins or self-flagellating in a far flung outpost of lost empire. History must be viewed in the context of the times. It exists to learn from and not make past mistakes.

It's only 59 years since the Battle of Britain. When one nation stood fast and alone against the might of Nazi Germany. Let future generations judge us and question our heritage and say "that was our finest hour".


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  1. I loved this post Bardiness. No doubt it will bring down a torrent of abuse on you. People today in most part have no interest in truth and History. It is ‘expediency’ at all costs. To try and deny this they sign sorry books for things that they personally had nothing to do with.
    The flip side of this, is that the politico’s then deliberately stab perfectly beautiful little countries in the back to try and appease their own populations conscience.
    I love the way you are always able to underline serious topics with your unique sense of humour. As it turns out, up to and including the second world war. Indeed it was, “their finest hour.”


    Comment by Spook | November 24, 2009 | Reply

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