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Si’mybio and Sarah Palin

I rarely promote my Squidoo lenses on this blog as I try to keep an impartial attitude toward them, but I've received a couple of emails of late informing me that someone posted an objection to Simybio on the Squidu forums, citing that it was full of naked women and asking what had this to do with Sarah Palin? Apparently the chap was doing a search for the dynamic Alaskan wench and found himself on my lens. Palincommando

Not having access to these forums (a difference of opinion with the moderator), I rely on others to keep me informed about things which they think I should be aware of.

It transpires that a healthy and positive response was generated in favour of the lens, to the extent that even the original complainer has apologised because he didn't realise it was a spoof. Besides, the images of the "naked women" are for from that! One salt even suggested that I or a relative of mine was the person who complained, just to generate traffic to it! It's amazing how some minds work.

However I was thinking of making a post here about the gung ho bear shooter, just for a laugh, and this has given me the excuse to do so.

Readers not familiar with Simybio should know that this lens is purely about a fictional island formerly known as the Isle of Crappais in the South Pacific, whose native people specialise in expletives and are great exponents of vulgarity to which they have exported their special degree of crapp globally.

Notable visitors come from far and wide to learn about this jewelled isle, particularly celebrities and politicians, who undertake academic courses to enhance their knowledge which they can then utilise in their daily lives. A current visitor is Sarah Palin.

To quote some examples: Sarah is on a diplomatic mission to prepare her for future government. She thought Simybio was in the Bearing Sea, and was quite surprised that there aren't any Ruskis here. She's become an avid student, and is currently studying for a degree in Lavatorial Emplacement and Plumbing.

Her new autobiography has provided additional fodder:

During her stay she has found inspiration to write a book "Going Rogue" a reference to her strange habit of getting affectionate in the toilets. She thought about changing the title to "Getting Rogered" but her publishers thought that may have a negative impact.

In the "Simybion 2010 calendar" she is also referenced:

….and is looking forward to giving them her signed autobiography, "Going Commando", a reference to her strange behaviour and suspect habits of running naked through the banana trees. Why does she do that?

The book has had an outstanding success here. Copies are available in all of the rest rooms, and are most useful when the bog paper runs out.

There is also a link for anyone wishing to purchase her book:

Getting Rogered: The definitive guide to a life at the edge. Here is the raw truth about life in Alaska, by a woman who has seen it, done it, and even went to Washington to show it.

"When your back's against the wall, you take it up front!"

Sarah Palin is excellent material for the humourist, and appears to be a never ending source. There's a lot more where that came from!


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