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A Pearl Anniversary

There's little point in having a blog if the author cannot indulge in some personal sentiments. So I'm taking an exception to my rule of only focusing on the eclectic mix of subject matter on this platform, (there are over thirty categories which have seen ink on the nib), and take time out to mention that the 15th December was my thirtieth wedding anniversary.

I created a Squidoo lens expressing the occasion which can be found here. There were some wonderful comments left, and whether or not those people read this blog, I'd like to thank them all very much for their kind words. 

I'd especially like to thank AJ2008, an exceptionally gifted lensmaster who helped promote the lens. She's far from a shrinking violet, and can exercise barbed criticism camouflaged with a comforting woolly jumper which would put a Peruvian Alpaca to shame. That must be why I like her so much!

Anyway, thanks to her, and everyone else who surprised my wife with glorious feedback.

Speaking of my wife, without her participation this anniversary would not have been possible – so she was a key factor. So thanks to her too. A most wonderful woman, whose resilience to accommodate me over thirty years should have been rewarded with a British Empire Medal if any justice existed in the world. 

By all means make your representations to the Queen for her consideration in the 2010 New Years Honours list.

In the meantime we look forward to another period of glorious partnership, during which time I shall replace the pressure cooker with ordinary pans, because they cause less damage when used as a projectile.

There's a pub in Isleworth, West London called the Milford Arms, and years ago they had some graffiti on the wall which I remember very well. I'd only been hitched for a year, and it said: Man is not complete until he's married – and then he's finished!


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