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Mayweather – Pacquiao. On or Off?

In my last reference to this fight I remarked that the two boxers could not be further removed from each other. Not because of ability, but lifestyle.

Mayweather's camp is insisting that the Pacman has a drugs test 30 days prior to the March 13th bout. Pacquiao considers this an affront to his dignity. He's more than willing (as is usual) to have a test immediately before and after, but regards this request to random testing an attempt to undermine him and nothing more than gamesmanship.

Never once has the Filipino champion failed to conform to the sports regulations on testing, and even the Nevada State Athletic Commission who have regulated ten of his last fourteen fights insists he is "as clean as the tears of a saint".

His promoter Bob Arum accuses Mayweather of attempting to sabotage the fight, and playing fast and loose with the drug testing rules. Rules, he argues, that are defined by the Commission, not the boxer. "Mayweather is afraid of getting his ass kicked" was his withering suggestion.

This fight would be the richest ever, generating $200m, with both earning a split of half that.

Putting the pot aside (if such a thing is possible) both fighters already have more than enough money, although the American appears to spend it like water for personal gratification, whilst the other adopts a more benevolent, even philanthropic approach to his wealth.

This current spat does not give a positive impression, and highlights the negatives of a sport already viewed with cynical greed and exploitation.

If Mayweather truly believes in his ability, then he should demonstrate it by retracting his extreme request and adopting a more sportsmanship persona.

Throw enough mud around and some will stick. Pacquiao's refusal to acquiesce could indicate to some that he had something to hide, even though there is nothing.

Dirty tricks are emanating from the Mayweather camp, and I suspect that as long as Pacquiao – a man of honour – holds his ground, he will come out the winner, with dignity intact, having fought or not.


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