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Renault Twingo. A Name for Modern Times?

The latest UK television advert for Twingo sees a handsome youth driving by a club with a line of people waiting for admission. A transvestite is in the queue and our hero is puzzled somewhat. He catches the eye of this cross between Danny La Rue and Lily Savage, analyses the situation and calls "Dad"? Lily savage

Dad looks ashamed and turns his head away. Cool Twingo driver then shouts "Can you get us in?" Dad suddenly realises that his son is a cool dude and subsequently expresses a combination of relief and pride.The advert ends with the punchline "Twingo – We live in modern times!"

Indeed we do. The implication being that the son is very comfortable to discover that his father is a secret transvestite, who spends his time in nightclubs which caters for his predilections.

We don't know if this is a secret shared with his mother, or whether his parents are divorced, or whether they live together in suburban bliss with the secret. In any event, the boy driving the Twingo surely never knew, and discovered his father's habit purely accidentally.

It phases him not, and he accepts it almost as a badge of honour. His fellow passengers presumably are equally cool, otherwise he would have driven on hastily.

Is it funny? Does it matter? All that matters is that if you drive this car then you are a new age man (or woman) and nothing can bother you.

Advertisers of course aim their products at the young. They have more disposable income than previous generations and are more likely to be spendthrift with it.

My own brood are all aged around the same as the Twingo driver – somewhere between 20 and 30. If any of them had seen me standing outside a club dressed in female clothes I doubt they would be so blasé about it. Indeed, I would have expected them to be thoroughly embarrassed…

Not because they saw me dressed up like a pantomime dame, but because I caught them driving something called a "Twingo"!


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