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Daft Song Award – Robbie Williams – Blasphemy

I heard this on the radio and thought it was a Monty Python sketch. Monty_PythonSpotTheLooneyFC

"The Egyptians built their pyramids
The Romans did what they did
Now everything’s come down to this
It’s just you and I, our kid!"

Presumably someone writes this tripe, and someone equally as daft sings it!

I can accept that the Egyptians built their pyramids, but "the Romans did what they did"? Tell me more.

At first glance in the cold light of day it is reminiscent of emotional juvenile youths who have the cares and woes of life on their shoulders. This seems to be  written by a love lorn fifteen year-old in a bedroom, lost in imagination and sorrow.

We've all been there, but somehow I doubt Sinatra or Nat Cole would have given it a second glance. It's a teenage thing. I recall writing something similar myself (but with more style) when I was a confused and emotional fourteen year old:

Shed no tears when I die,
nor show regret nor sorrow,
Glad that I lived, but glad that I die,
Yet loved and lived did I…

Of course it is immaturity speaking and I look at those words with embarrassment and humour. I can look back at the words we write as children, and sympathise with all those young impressionable folk who are writing such profound nonsense even as I write!

But back to Robbie – ex Take That who modelled himself on a 21st century Sinatra and even gave a grand concert in his image a few years ago, with gait and wardrobe to boot.

And so to the second verse:

We could send a million to the moon
But why can’t I get on with you?
Cellophane around my mouth
Stops the anger sipping out

What does that mean? I recognise the brand name "Cellophane".

Another verse of crapp gives us:

What’s so great about the Great Depression
Is it a blast for you? Blasphemy

Well, there was nothing great about the Great Depression, and I doubt anyone listening to the song would have a clue about it, but the play on words "blast for you" and "Blasphemy" may strike a witticism.

There's a reference to "words cutting like vaseline" because it rhymes with "what you mean", and the rest is just absolute pretentious nonsense pretending to be profound and meaningful.

There are songs and there are great songs, and most lyrics wash over the beach because they are embraced by tides of melody. But I ask you…any song which begins with "The Egyptians built their pyramids, and the Romans did what they did…"

I think someone's taking the piss!

This is the first of a series of Daft Song Awards. Contributions welcome. email


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