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Adam Crozier: If the Envelope Fits – Wear It!

It was announced yesterday that AC has been appointed as the new chief executive of ITV.

On Christmas Eve I had a moan about the post office and here's a snippet:

The Chief Executive of Royal Mail is Adam Crozier.The same man who
was Chief Executive of the English Football Association six years ago.
In 2007 his earnings were over £1million. That year he decreased Royal
Mail's workforce by 45000, and to date has closed over 7000 post

In his drive to increase profitability, he has
decimated the nation's most loved organization, and turned the public
against it. Today, his pay packet is five times higher than his boss –
the UK's Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Yes. Adam is a public servant!

will he be seen giving interviews. It was he who presided over the most
embarrassing events involving English football, when the FA was rarely
out of the headlines. It was he who appointed Sven Goran Eriksson. He
who oversaw the debacle, and he who knew when to walk away from the
mess in a Blairite fashion leaving others to clear up.

history does not instill confidence. His time is up. Yet I predict that
he will walk away without much distress in 2010 and no doubt some other
organization will suffer at his hands. Remember his name.

The postal worker is as much the victim as the customer served.

Let's send a  card to Crozier – six by six, with the following sentiments: 

Merry Christmas, Now bugger off!

Address it to: Adam Crozier, Chief Executive, Royal Mail.

He'll get it!

That post generated some heated comments (only one of which I published)- and the discussion was subsequently continued on the RoyalMailChat message boards (you'll have to login to follow it). 

To say that Mr Crozier has never been flavour of the month with postal workers is an understatement.

Whilst they are embroiled with working practice disagreements and concerned about their pension deficits, the great British public are still smarting about a decreased service and loss of their post-offices. Meanwhile the erstwhile Adam Crozier has yet again managed to walk away from a position leaving perceived chaos in his wake, and comfortably embarks on a new role. How does he do it? Wheels within wheels and all that jazz!

Whilst the shareholders may be anticipating dividends, if I was an ITV employee I may well start worrying about my future. He's not due to commence duties for another few months – so utilise the time wisely.

I'm not too bothered what he does with ITV (with exception to those who will inevitably lose their jobs) – after all, it's a commercial enterprise and unlike the Post Office it's not a public service. But how long will it be before he gets his mitts on other cherished institutions? At this rate he could end up as some business guru advising the cabinet of some future government – or even a member of it!

Be afraid – be very afraid!


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