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Grey squirrels, ruddy ducks & Japanese knotweed – Labour Priorities!

Gordon Blah Blah has spoken that he wishes to reform the election first past the post process. Less than four months away from a general election, he thinks that the masses actually care what he says anymore. This new initiative is clearly designed to capture the Lib-Dem waverers.

You know them – they spout off with rampant ideas, clear in the knowledge they will never be in power to implement them. That's a terrific resource for New Labour. They'll sell their own grannies for a vote. But that's ok because they are going to provide free care for them. It'll cost billions, but Labour likes to spend other peoples money – they actually believe it belongs to them!

Another initiative is to give new fathers six months paternity leave. That will go down well with small businesses struggling to survive. In times where thousands are going to the wall because of the recession – yes, we are still in it – this tin pot government wants to introduce legislation to allow employees to disappear for half a year.

The poor employer has to keep the job open, so either struggles with little workforce or tries to fill the gap with temporary staff who are only looking for six months employment. Cue economic migrants – who can't be employed without proper documentation, otherwise the employer will get fined. However, nor can they discriminate against them, even if they meet legal criteria, but may not be suitable for the job, otherwise they may be hauled before a tribunal for breaching equal opportunity law.

Of course, if the business goes to the wall, then the employee who took the time off will end up looking after the kid much longer than anticipated. I can see many taking advantage of this, but they will be in the public or civil service, and guess what – Joe Taxpayer will end up funding it. Oh yeah, thats Labour money to take and spend at will.

There's a website somewhere which list 13 years of New Labour laws and initiatives – thousands of them.

Almost 4000 alone in criminal offences ranging from the bizzare to the ridiculous. (One a day since they entered power). Some examples, cited by non other than a Liberal Democrat in the Daily Telegraph:

It's an offence to sell a grey squirrel, ruddy duck or Japanese knotweed.
Disturb a pack of eggs when instructed not to by authorised officers
Sell a game bird killed on a Sunday or Christmas Day
Allow an unlicensed concert in a church hall
And a ship's captain will end up in court if he's carrying grain without a copy of the International Grain Code.

Yet a member of the public will be arrested and prosecuted for protecting his home against an invader, or even face prosecution for clipping an obnoxious yob around the ear, or merely intefering in some anti-social behavior.

No other government has ever been so prolific with its powers. No other government has played fast and loose with its country's finances. No other government has treated it's people with such impunity and disguised it's deeds in the interests of society.

They have dishonoured themselves, ripped off the tax payer through their expenses (legitimate but highly immoral), rode ram-shod over public opinion, stuck their nose up the arse of the USA and brought the country into disrepute.

Why oh why would any right minded person with an ounce of dignity left in their bones vote for five more years of this shower?


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  1. Because if you don’t vote for them you will lose all your free perks from them. When will people ever learn that you cannot multiply wealth by dividing it?


    Comment by Spook | February 22, 2010 | Reply

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