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The Ghost Writer

I have no desire to see the Ghost Writer, a new movie directed by Roman Polanski and adapted from Robert Harris's novel The Ghost. Ghost

The book was a disappointment. In fact it was tosh.

It was a recent publication when I purchased it, and I cant remember if I bought it at an airport on route to Washington DC, or whether in a shop in Maryland, but I know I bought it because of the author.

Robert Harris is one of those safe writers who has written some exceptional stuff. Travellers tend to go for the familiar, and he is one of the elite who find themselves prominently on display on the book shelves.

This book insulted my intelligence and I was thoroughly bored with it. It was clear that the principle character was meant to be a certain former UK prime minister, who had a manipulative wife pulling the strings, and laced with sexual power and prowess.

When she began making passes at the ghost writer employed to write her husbands memoirs, and successfully bedding him, it lurched into farce.

The book stretched the imagination, and such were the blatant disguised references to the UK former Prime Minister I wondered whether this book would be published in the UK for fear of libel. The best thing about it was the end – literally – It was a very clever device utilised by the author and was it's only saving grace.

I remember saying to my nephew that he could throw the book in his bin if he didn't want to read it. He was getting married at the time, so maybe it's still on the shelf – unlike him who is now off it.

Imagine my surprise to learn that a movie has been made of this silly book and directed by the eminent Polanski – which no doubt accounts for the well known actors in it. Ex-Bond Pierce Brosnan plays Adam Lang (the ex-PM), Ewan McGregor plays the ghost writer enamoured by Ruth (Lang's wife) played by Olivia Williams (who can blame him) and a host of other famous names are part of the production.

The timing couldn't be better as the UK embarks upon a general election. The more publicity it gets the greater the electorate may be swung to dump new Labour hook, line and sinker.

I hope the movie is a fantastic hit regardless – It could be the best weapon to nail this defunct shower of a government once for all.


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