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Psychic Kebabs…Asbo’s and the Brits…..

I was passing the Twickenham Psychic Society last week and on their door they said they would be closed over Easter. I passed them again today and sure enough – they were. Now that's spooky! Donermeat

It reminds me of the Richmond Psychic Society who had premises near the Orange Tree Theatre.

A few years ago they had a notice on the window saying they had closed down due to unforeseen circumstances.

I think it's a fast food joint now. I'm surprised they didn't foresee that. Look at any run-down high street and the chances are some empty premises will be taken over by a take-away.

Trying to get decent odds at the bookies because you can foresee another one is as difficult as finding out the constitution of a doner kebab.

Speaking of which, this peculiar food is the last refuge of the drunken young reveller.

I'm sure it was created on the basis that if anyone could eat something filled with meat derivatives, dressed up with salad, drowned in chile, garlic and mayonnaise, all designed to create a disgusting mess which would successfully ruin a decent shirt or cause rampant chin drizzle to put a salivating rottwieller to shame, it could only be a sozzled Brit.

On the subject of which – I predict a long hot summer, town centres filled with vomit, urine, fights, anti-social behaviour, stretched police forces, congested casualty rooms, assaulted nurses and doctors, hangovers in abundance, grounded teenagers, despaired parents, trashed pubs, spoiled public gardens and statues, hot tempers, road rage, bull-necked, beer-bellied tattooed youths (and thats just the females), and Union Jack tat in excess.

Welcome to Britain. If we export a tenth of this rabble to South Africa for the World Cup, please keep them there and don't return them. And so to my next forecast – we will get them all back again.

Roll on the Olympics. Predictions welcome. I predict I will be somewhere else!


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