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Russia Today – and Tomorrow…..

Russia Today is a TV channel available on the UK Freeview digital network (#85). I discovered it whilst channel hopping trying to escape from the UK General Election borefest. Russia today

If you can overcome the garish graphics and screen litter which is synonymous with similar news platforms, it has much to offer and a refreshing break from the mainstream British news output, which is concerned with only two stories at present – volcanic ash and the televised political party leader debates.

Occasionally the rolling captions are unintentionally humorous – take this one for example: Volcano casts potential cloud over attendance of Polish PM's funeral. It was a stunning faux pas, but I suspect totally unintentional. Another one on the volcano issue: Ash Landing to indicate that airports were being closed over northern Europe.

Anchored by British journalists and presenters, it has plenty of varied news. I learned more about the situation in Kyrgyzstan in five minutes than in the past week watching the BBC or Sky News.

I received astonishing information about an American woman who adopted a seven-year old Russian child, and after six months returned him back to Moscow because she felt that she'd been short changed. The child didn't match her expectations. This has caused considerable anger to the extent that the Russian Prime Minister has halted all future adoptions by American citizens until a bilateral agreement has been implemented.

I discovered that Russia is the third most popular country for Americans seeking to adopt a child, and 14,000 have been adopted by them in the last five years. Amazingly fifteen of these children have been murdered by their new American parents in as many years.

There is a wealth of informative, educational and entertaining news articles presented by dynamic fresh faces covering global issues.

It has a somewhat CNN presentation style, but with much less pretentiousness. I hope it gets more exposure on Freeview because at present it is only available for two hours in the morning (06.00 – 08.00) and four hours in the evening (18.00 – 22.00).

There's much going on in the world – get off the mainstream and enter the jetstream – volcanic ash permitting!


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