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Stand up and be counted….

The UK television party leader debates are far more exciting than their US equivalents. Having been highly suspicious of the merits of this novelty in British politics, they certainly give value for money.

As I've said before, I consider them to be nothing more than a media entertainment exercise and fear that the electorate will vote on presentation over policy. This was demonstrated last week by the sudden national favour of Nick Clegg. The LibDem leader scored overwhelming points over his rivals due to style and continues to a degree after the second debate.

An advantage of having a blog is the ability to express an opinion globally. Whether it has any influence is academic. I make my position very clear. Whilst I divide my time between two very different countries I am British born and bred.

That birthright means much to me. It says that my nation has been the principle architect of the modern world from the extraction of Spanish world dominance in the sixteen century through to the industrial revolution, technological advancement, the implementation of democracy and parliamentary systems, the defence of a way of life against tyranny, the dominance of English as a language and the tolerance of other nations and peoples in an ever changing world.

It is the belief that the United Kingdom has been a force for good where trade and democracy succeeded over facist and dictatorial exploitation. Many would argue that the British were the arbiters of that statement, but few could argue that the fundamental Victorian values were for the best intentions regardless of the often misguided philanthropy engendered.

The class system needed change, yet it was the very essence of the trade union movement, long before the advent of a Socialist or Labour party which fuelled workers rights. Socialism grew out of a desire for change, and after World War II, the old order was rejected – it was a time for change.

The pendulum swung too far, and the dream to provide for all created a free-for-all. The welfare state and universal free heathcare was a bold vision and the post war Attlee Government delivered the dream.

They could not have envisaged the abuse or bottomless pit where lurked a dragon which was always hungry, nor that it would create a dependant culture which believed that the state will always provide. Nor contemplated that the welfare state would account for billions of pounds to sustain year on year.

Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit, Income Support, Child Benefit, Childrens Tax Credits, Incapacity Benefits et al can all be given to a family to the tune of at least £1500 per month tax free – more than can be achieved through honest basic employment. The benefit culture encourages irresponsibility, more children, and a mindset that expects the state to provide. The children grow up in that culture and so the cycle continues.

You see, I want a country which protects and provides for the less fortunate. I want a country which can stand proud and give opportunities and encouragement to the young. I want a country that my children are proud to belong to. I want a country which will not kowtow or be subservient to aggressive nations. I want a country which will instill pride in their subjects regardless of their race, ethnicity, creed or religion. I want a country which will not be lead but leads. I want a country which says to its citizens that you should stand proud and give more than you take, and above all I want a country which is strong and holds dear to its history.

Which party will do that? I suspect there is only one – and thats the one which will get my vote on May 6th, 2010.


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  1. I want a country, period.


    Comment by Spook | April 25, 2010 | Reply

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