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The BNP Marmite Hijack

In a democracy even the sleaziest low lives have a right to air their views, regardless of their despicable policies. And so it is on St Georges Day the British National Party launched their manifesto.

The odious Nick Griffin and his baying ignorant followers seem to think they are the moral guardians of the "English". Repatriation of non Brits (whoever they are), removal from the European Union, and a ban on immigration are their flagship policies. They wrap themselves around the Union Jack, hijack images like Churchill and the Armed Forces, and even use Marmite to further their cause. I'm delighted that Marmite have sought an injunction against them to stop this outrage. I feared I may have to wear a disguise to buy my jar in case of being labelled a racist facist. How dare they brand my favourite yeast extract to further their cause. It really is the last straw.

To call them the Turd Party would be an insult to my dog's poo. They say that immigrants are preventing the British from getting jobs, yet I suspect that most of their followers are only to happy to use this as an excuse not to get off their fat lazy backsides and seek employment.

They are typical of the benefit dependant culture which thinks they have a right to bleed the state. They know the price of everything and the value of nothing. Most immigrants are hard working and seek to better themselves. They do menial, undignified work which the average chav drunken sozzled Brit wouldn't get out of bed for.

Of course there are abuses of our system, but for every immigrant who may screw it, there are ten fold indiginious underclass Brits who screw it more. Note that – they are the underclass, not the proud working class which built this nation.

We live in a global 21st century village, where humanity and tolerance to our fellow man must take precedence. If the BNP had their way I would see my wife and children treated like criminals and despatched from these treasured isles. The very people who have never once taken a welfare benefit but have contributed to this country and continue to enrich it.

The BNP and their ilk thrive on fear and ignorance. Give them all the boot. Civilisation has come too far to regress.


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