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VE Day – 65th Anniversary

Two days after the UK general election, the Victory in Europe anniversary falls on May 8th. The country will be suffering an election hangover and the media will be awash with analysis and post mortem scrutiny.

Celebrations will be taking place nationwide to commemorate VE Day, and I can only hope they get their just attention. I fear they will be considerably overshadowed.

Still, in an attempt to support them I have created my own small contribution with a Squidoo lens: VE Day – 65th Anniversary

Its the first and only lens about the subject on Squidoo, which is a rather poor reflection on what interests people on that site.

Anyway, I do hope that my few modicum of readers here will give it a look and support it.

If we can just take a brief moment to reflect upon the occasion before being thrust back to the world of politics, it would be something. After all, without VE Day, there may have been no election in the first place.


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