"..a bardy view!"

It’s a dogs life…

There are certain rules involved when attending a polling station. The staff can exercise powers to prevent voters if they are too drunk, wearing overtly political attire, discussing politics, or having unrestrained accompanying dogs. Horses must be tethered outside, although there aren't any clear guidelines for other pets such as rabbits, ferrets and pigs.

On the subject of dogs, my own went to the polling station with my daughter today. She was most peeved that she couldn't cast her vote (the dog I mean). Our little Jack Russell isn't on the electoral roll which is a shame because she feels that she has a unique insight into local issues, albeit at a rather low level – about a foot.

Her attempts at putting a cross on the ballot paper proved difficult, and every attempt to instruct her on correct pencil placement proved futile. This led to a rather vocal encounter resulting in a spoilt ballot paper and the station staff declaring that she was barking mad.

Returning home she displayed a curious frustrated behaviour, grunting, growling, gnashing, and being quite aggressive with a newly dug up bone. I suspect I may be sharing that bone with her if the country goes to the dogs tomorrow.  Lets hope all you reading this don't have a similar craving.


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  1. Hmmm, I wonder if Alpacas would be allowed in the polling Station 😉


    Comment by AJ | May 7, 2010 | Reply

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