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We’re All Hung Up….Our Gasters have been Flabbered…

Well it was to be expected I suppose. The Tories got the most seats, but not enough to form a majority government. The LibDem's bubble burst amid all the hype of change and personality, and the tired old Labour party got their just deserts. The wheeling and dealing will now take place and chances are David Cameron will become PM supported by Nick Clegg and his LibDems.

Probably the most dignified departure of a losing Prime Minister was by John Major, who having been defeated by Tony Blair in 1997 calmly walked away to watch the cricket at Lords. It was a lovely sunny day and a perfect one for watching the cork on willow. That was statesmanship and a rare thing today.

Gordon Brown has the opportunity to follow suit, and anything less by hanging on to power by his fingertips can only prolong the inevitable. Go gracefully Gordon. Let Mandy and Milly play their games of intrigue to salvage the spoils. If however Clegg joins Labour, then frankly I may seriously consider a one way ticket east. After all, how can the party with the most votes end up being squeezed out by collusion. It's preposterous. We will know soon how principled Nick Clegg truly is.

So I would hope that even if Cameron doesn't get the support he wants, there's still a chance he could go it alone, perhaps he could become the new 21st century Disraeli. The Queen is involved with all this somehow, though how much influence she has I know not. Even the academics appear confused on the constitutional intricacies.

On a local level I'm delighted that my constituency MP was soundly given the boot. The ex-Labour incumbent nicknamed Mrs Expenses suffered the delusion that her abuse of parliamentary privileges to the tune of using tax payers money to buy a luxury central London pad a mere ten miles from her main home, would be overshadowed by her work in the community. Fortunately the people saw sense. Her defence was that it was within the rules. The fact is that it was an immoral abuse of the rules and put her interests over and above the very people she should be representing.

So goodbye and good riddance is my sentiment.


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  1. Gosh Paul, your description of Mrs Expenses could apply to MY MP – the only difference being that she is Tory amd she clung on to her seat. There’s no justice in the world!


    Comment by AJ | May 7, 2010 | Reply

  2. You are of course correct in that this result was unfortunately predictable. A shame that this fact alone doesn’t make it any less disappointing. It’s difficult to know precisely what effect the expenses scandal had overall, with MP’s of all parties of course being involved. I’m glad that at least one, however, got her just desserts.
    Regarding a theoretical Lib/Lab pact…? I might cut my losses and head to Greece! 🙂


    Comment by Gordon Hamilton | May 8, 2010 | Reply

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