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Korea or Career…..

The news that South Korea is upset again with its northern neighbours reminds me of a visit to a golf club in the Philippines recently.

I was struck by the number of South Koreans playing. These people have embraced the Philippines with gusto, have invested heavily, run many companies and created leisure facilities for themselves which would put some of the wealthiest western entrepreneurs to shame.

The Chinese and South Koreans regard the Philippines as a playground – easy to set up business and with cheap labour.

They have created golf clubs to relish and expedite leisure and business contacts. They ride roughshod over indigenous culture, land and resources. There is nothing more destructive environmentally than a golf course.

The staff in these open emporiums are Filipino, and the golf caddies are generally female, who carry the bags and rely on tips. The average short-stocked-beer-bellied South Korean male struts his stuff while his gear is invariably carried by a young woman hoping for her master to be generous.

It is the requirement for every South Korean overseas to drop everything and return to their homeland when the north threatens. How many do? Not many I suspect. The reason being they will justify their absence by implying as businessmen they ensure the wheels of commerce and industry.

Meanwhile, they can relax, comforted in the knowledge that the rest of the world will protect them. The United Nations will instigate sanctions, or provide military protection. Always aware that the status quo will be paramount. Always aware that the politicking ensures Chinese/US impasse.

A ship may be torpedoed, lives may be lost, politicians may pontificate, the media may bluster, but always palms get greased, deals get done, but above all the ball lands in the hole eventually. Woods or irons, sand wedge or putter. They'll then retire to the clubhouse, have a drink, shake hands and think of the next game.

And it is a game. Played on the worlds golf courses. It stinks even more than my Mountain Ash (see last post), but at least that is a natural odour.


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  1. Actually the set up at the moment is frightening. I have been uneasy about the North Koreans for a while now. It’s chilling and if they have nukes it’s even more chilling. The last thing we need at the moment is war, or another one, it’s imminent.


    Comment by Spook | May 25, 2010 | Reply

  2. Nice post. Yes, your right those Korean’s knows how to manage business here in the Philippines. That’s why they love to stay in the Philippines, rather than in their country.


    Comment by Scuba Diving Philippines | June 20, 2010 | Reply

  3. Thanks for your comment. You may be interested in The Great North Korean Balloon Invasion
    You have a suberb website. I hope the opportunity arises to visit your place later this year.


    Comment by Bar De Ness | June 21, 2010 | Reply

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