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A Philippines Phoenix?

Well its official. Benigno Aquino III is proclaimed as the President of the Philippines. A month after the national elections the count was finally concluded. Aquino-crop

After an automated voting system designed to expedite accuracy and fairness, it has taken a month to officially count the votes. The result being that he won with 15 million votes, five and a half million more than his nearest rival.

He is a politician not renown for his political acumen nor for his conventionality, but his heritage has struck a chord with the electorate. He sailed on a campaign to end poverty and corruption, so to say he has a tough challenge would be an understatement. But perhaps more so because the people hark back to the legacy of his parentage.

27 years ago his father Benigno (Ninoy) was assassinated as he descended the steps of the aircraft which brought him back to Manila after exile in the USA. This was the catalyst of the Marcos overthrow, and heralded the people power revolution which brought Corazon, his mother, to the presidency. It is this lineage – a father murdered, a mother a president, and the removal of the infamous Marcos regime that now hangs over the new leader and fuels great expectation. But it won't be an easy ride.

This is not the blog to expound theory or analyse Philippines political history – there are greater sources. But for sure, here and now at stake is the soul of the Filipino, and his country's place in the world. At stake is his pride and identity after years of debilitating and relentless mismanagement and corruption which has seen his nation fall from being an Asian tiger in the 1990's to an exploited, underachieving shadow of its former self.

If politics is cricket, then lets hope that this batsman can hold his crease, protect his wicket and hit some corkers. Lets hope he has a great team around him. A cricket match is a series of tests, and never won after the first. But this is not about an urn of ashes – but it is about a phoenix – a remarkable bird of spirit, wonder, colour and courage which rises from them. Lets hope this is not just a myth!


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