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Time to Pay for Labour…..

I'm not a mercenary opportunist blogger, which is why I refrain from populist topics. I'm led to believe that bloggers can make a few bob with affiliate advertising by encouraging traffic with choice keywords (a sad and time consuming pastime).

Of course visitors should click on the adsense, but mine aren't much ad, and have little sense. I couldn't tell you what Google have hitched their skirt to as I write, but chances are its inane and irrelevant to the subject matter.

Why do I have it you may ask? Because it's a gift horse – costs nothing, and after a few years it may pay for a bottle of Glenmorangie.

If I was asked what my current revenue was I would respond with a glazed expression – I wouldn't know how to access the account, never mind remember log-in details.

I shall just let it accumulate, and hope that it doesn't attract Capital Gains Tax in 10 years.

I've reached the point where the hunger to inform, postulate and digress does not challenge me anymore, and the lyrical wax is losing its sheen.

Indeed, the Web 2.0 phenomena has lost its sparkle. I'm not a social networker and I've failed to grasp the peculiar attraction of facebook, twitter et al, but have dabbled with bemused interest. It's not for me.

I set up this blog to experiment with my thoughts and views, fuelled by my despicable opinion of the UK Labour government which has now gone, and with it my frustration.

My ire is still there, because they systematically destroyed a great country with rampant disregard for its history, heritage, and values. When Tony Blair entered Downing Street in 1997 proclaiming his new government would hit the ground running we should have removed the pavement there and then. Who could have envisaged the damage they were capable of.

But it is a harsh lesson, which says that the Labour party, regardless of their camouflage should never be allowed power ever again.

Social justice and state control are not natural partners, but worthy bedfellows for socialists to prostitute themselves for. They are adept at spend and waste, and believe that the answer to everything is to throw money at it.

Whilst doing that, they feathered their own nests, and created a cosy club of hypocritical, champagne spin doctors, destined for the House of Lords, having ravaged and pillaged the nation's coffers. Pimps disguised as reformers.

Their legacy should never be forgotten. It is a lesson for future generations, to our children and grandchildren who may be spared the debt which we must now try to pay.

Good riddance to the UK ex-Labour government – but they will be back! You have been warned!

I shall be back, ever vigilant, but will I care so much in five years time? As long as there is Google Adsense, I shall reap the pennies and eventually buy the wonderful malt!




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  1. Are you sure you haven’t read my mind. That’s exactly how I feel about everything, except for Facebook which has given me the chance to re-connect with so many of my friends that I had lost touch with.
    Rattle on with your blog as it’s a very entertaining read and makes more sense than most people realise. The problem comes with finding people who think like you do. I suspect a minority and more’s the pity.


    Comment by Spook | June 16, 2010 | Reply

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