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Bill is Blattered by the Off-Side Rule

Bill Clinton is in South Africa and attended the World Cup game today between the USA and Algeria. The camera caught his very puzzled expression after his country had a goal disallowed.

It was clear that Sepp Blatter, the FIFA president sitting next to him, was attempting to explain to the ex-president the off-side rule.

Yeah – its a mystery for many. It's a good job he wasn't watching a cricket match. That would surely have made him wish he was back in the Oval Office with less important things to figure out – like the state of the world for instance.

All credit to the USA – Americans may not realise just how crucial their eventual goal was. Had they not beaten Algeria, they would have returned home and the group qualifiers would have been England and Slovenia. As it turns out, they topped the group – a great achievement, and qualified along with their best friends.

Speaking of which England had the nation holding its breath once again – the agony and ecstasy played upon the emotions once more.

Meanwhile the green and pleasant land is basking in sunshine and not everyone was glued to events in South Africa. Wimbledon is in play, and the crowds there had a football free zone.

So whilst many were perspiring with expectation for the nations pride, the tennis set was decorous, laid back, and adopted an air of classic pompous decorum, with no desire to forego their champagne, strawberries and cream in favour of beer and pizzas, happily forgetting the other important sporting event thousands of miles away.

There are no English tennis players left in the tournament and its only day three, but there is a Scotsman. Henmanesque hopes prevail for Andy Murray, and all is well because he is British.

So whilst the flag of St. George will continue to fly amongst the masses supporting their football team, the Union Jack will fly at Wimbledon supporting the last hope.

We are the UK at the Olympics, British at Wimbledon, and English at the Football World Cup.

It's all nicely convenient. What other country has such choices? The problem is we don't win any of them. Well, we did win the World Cup in 1966, but then we played West Germany, and even they don't exist anymore.

I should point out that England did win the Rugby World Cup in 2003. I remember it well because I watched it in Baguio, the summer capital of the Philippines and 5000ft above sea level.

The current Rugby world champions are South Africa, which strangely enough brings this post full circle.


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  1. I think Bill perhaps was thinking of Carter Peanuts eloquent quote, ” to look at a woman with lust is already to have commited adultery,” and subsequently condemning mankind for ever from eternity. The mighty things people have to weigh up.


    Comment by Spook | June 24, 2010 | Reply

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