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The Pacman is a Congressman…..

It was his intention all along. The richest boxer in the world had been highlighting his intention to enter Philippines national politics for at least the last three years. 

His drive is fuelled by his desire to make a difference, and as I remarked in earlier posts here and here with the on-off-on fight with Floyd Mayweather, two more different opponents could not be envisaged.

He still intends to fight Mayyweather (possibly in Las Vegas in November), which has to be a world first because he will be the only politician to fight inside a ring as well as outside of it. The fight, if it is realised, will be the most lucrative ever and could gross $200m. He is the world's sixth highest paid athlete and worth $40m.

Not bad for someone who began his life in a shanty town living in a cardboard box. But Manny Pacquiao is a boxer not satisfied with bling, nor the luxury that megabucks bring. Bring on the bling may be Mayweather's mantra, but its certainly not the Pacman's.

There are few countries which revere there celebrities so much that they will vote for them in the hope that they will be the peoples champion. One ex-president of the Philippines riding on such a wave was a famous film star, but unfortunately Joseph Estrada didn't cut the mustard.

But before criticism is levelled at the electorate, it's worth remembering that the USA are equally influenced by such euphoric worship – think Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Whether the Pacman can rise to the occasion is anyones guess, but in the ring my money would be on him to demolish his opponent.

One day this guy could become President. In the cutthroat world of politics and power he'll need more than a decisive knockout to be a winner, and certainly more than ten rounds to remain standing.

Politics is a ruthless sport where the gloves must be off. Lets hope he is also a bare-knuckle fighter and can hold his corner.



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  1. You are forgetting Ali. I think it was Carter Peanuts who made him roving ambassador to Africa or some such thing. Unfortunately he was already suffering from one punch to many and didn’t last to long. If your lad can get out early and avoid this fate then perhaps he has a chance. Aye lad I wait with bated breath.


    Comment by Spook | July 1, 2010 | Reply

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