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WeBook…We Suffer

I was invited by the website WeBook to give a free page to fame submission. The idea is that you submit a first page of a book and fellows will rate you. 

After a period of time, your first page will be bumped up and another page will be expected. The truth is its more of a paragraph than a page, but so be it.

The theory is that some strolling literary agent will eventually be astounded by your work and a publishing contract will be forthcoming. That's assuming that your critics actually like what you write.

Normally they charge a quid or so for the privilege of exposing the openings of a magnum opus to all and sundry, but on this occasion they offered the facility for free.

Duly responding I wrote a small ditty under the genres: fiction, General, and Romance.

Well so far I've had 17 ratings from my peers (ie site members) and five of them commented that the writing needs work. Only 35% want it elevated to the next round. The early critics had it at 70%, so I wonder why all of a sudden it has been down graded. 47% rated it as average, and 6% have effectively said it's tosh (which is the lowest rating by the way, although "tosh" is my own euphemism).

Of course, I don't take any of this seriously (he says) for it is a false hope for many who feel they have ink in their blood just waiting to be discovered.

What surprises me is that 35% of raters actually liked what I wrote. I am deeply offended. I work hard to be disagreeable. I must be losing my touch.

I shall return to this subject in a couple of weeks – just to give a progress report. I do hope you are on tenterhooks.


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  1. How’s about working less hard to be disagreeable? The odd thing is I don’t find you disagreeable in the slightest, more like entertaining. Also think you have definitely got the ink in you. Ah, well, it’s a strange world and all, there but for the grace of God go I.


    Comment by Spook | July 1, 2010 | Reply

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