"..a bardy view!"

A Spook(y) tale….

My wife, who rarely visits this blog because she hears me rabbiting on in close proximity everyday and certainly doesn't want to read the stuff as well, passed by here and asked who is Spook who is always leaving comments.

"Don't you have any other readers?" she asked.

"Well actually I do" I responded indignantly with my shackles raised. "Indeed I have a lot of readers according to my stats."

"Yes, but who's Spook?" she continued.

"Well" I replied, "Kevin, for that his his name, is a most acute chap who appreciates the well-written word. Unlike some I can mention!" Dig dig.

"In fact" I continued "he is one of those who Mad-Mug Mugabe forced to leave Zimbabwe during his land reclamation from the white farmers, and he now lives in Ireland. And he's pretty pissed off about it I can tell you!"

"Yeah, Ireland has that effect on me too" she said. (She's such a wit) "But seriously, that's outrageous".

"Ah, I see you're all ears now aren't you!" I replied on a roll. "Speaking of which, his hearing isn't too hot and he had a cochlear implant. A fact he documented with a great lens on Squidoo. Which is where I first met him in answer to your next question.

"Furthermore he hopes to get to Australia but he's getting shafted with bureaucracy. Still, if he makes it you may meet him one day in the Philippines because we'll be near neighbours and I'll get the BBQ and beers out."

"Wow" she said "Tell him next time you speak to him that I wish him luck, I never did like that mad Mugabe bugger"

"I'll do better than that" I said "I shall blog it!"

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  1. You certifiable lunatic, am sitting here laughing my head off. Tell your missus it would give me enormous pleasure to meet you all in the Philippines around a braai and few good jars. Seriously, thanks for everything you try to do for me Bardy, much appreciated. Must go and watch the footie. I’m beginning to think I’m psychic, all my predictions coming off.


    Comment by Spook | July 2, 2010 | Reply

  2. Came for another look and still impressed.


    Comment by spookmoor | January 8, 2017 | Reply

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