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Life after Labour…

I visited a friend at Hammersmith Hospital last Sunday (the Imperial College). His appetite isn't very good – but that's because he's sick. That doesn't prevent the laminated and colourful menu presented to him every morning which would shame a 5 star restaurant. Beef, chicken, lamb, fish, and also a "cultural" menu comprising of Asian, West Indian, Moroccan, Chinese and vegetarian dishes.

The word "cultural" is a euphemism for "ethnic". Three courses, three times a day.

On the back page it says "We strive to please our customers with the finest ingredients, please indicate your choice to the ward host". The ward host? Time was the food would just come round and if you could eat it you would.

My friend is a shockingly abusive Glaswegian, and he and Billy Connolly come from the same stable.

"Fuck off and leave me alone yah stupid git. Canna ya no see ahm ill? Tak yah shite away!"
Or words to that effect – I have edited them for on the grounds of decency.

Of course, the hospital is a great one, and I'm not diminishing its worthiness, but one wonders how much money is being spent on outside contractors (courtesy of the ex-labour government) to provide this rather flamboyant and wasteful service.

I remarked to my friend that the next time I want to go out for dinner I might accidentally suffer a mishap in the hope I will get admitted and enjoy a three course meal courtesy of the NHS. And why not? I've probably paid for it anyway through my years of National Insurance contributions.

Anyway, the point I'm making is that we expect our hospitals to spend money wisely, not be under the impression that money is a bottomless pit to spend on consumer service. This was the Labour policy.

The NHS is not private medical care, those who can afford to pay for that will get the 5 star treatment, but Labour thought they could deliver it free – gratis – to all and sundry. Not only to its citizens, not only to those who wouldn't or couldn't pay a penny toward it, but also to every Tom Dick and Ivan from the EU and beyond who could easily recognise a gift horse in the mouth! Money was no object to New Labour – just find more taxes.

Barely two months after the historic UK election that agreed a coalition government, the moans and groans are rampant. Cuts, cuts, and more cuts.

Certain opinionated prats have suggested that this government should stop blaming the previous one for their woes. But why? They got us into this mess in the first place. If I hear another pontificating self-righteous politician from the left bemoaning the new administration, I will probably tear out what is left of my hair.

These sanctimonious bastards who are hedging to become the next Labour leader are quick to deride the ex-government that they were so willing to belong to. Ex-ministers all, never before had the guts to speak up and be counted. Now they condemn past policy and condemn the new. The Balls, the Harman's and the Milliband's do not speak of Blair and Brown. Indeed, there are few Labourites who will mention their names. They are now the dark side, and their names dare not be spoken.

For Gods sake, take time out and look at the damage they caused!

Blame the banks by all means, but the true blame lies fairly and squarely at outrageous mismanagement by a careless and irresponsible government of a country which found itself lurching from one crisis to another.

The list is endless. Whether uncontrolled immigration, the benefit culture, the wanton excess, the imposition of the state on the individual, the loss of freedoms, the pathetic health and safety regulations, the destruction of basic values and culture, and the spend, spend, spend mentality that fuelled borrowing beyond means.

The crazy legislation, the administration, the increased army of public employees and civil servants, the proliferation of quangos, agencies, non jobs, the gobbledygook, the notion that NHS patients are "customers", the application of teachers as friends and not disciplinarians, the mission statements, the police and their purpose, their community responsibility, the councils and their "consumers" the bin men who are environmental control operatives, and on and on.

Then there are the CRB checks ad nausea for any job or most jobs, and the costs. The checks involved to ensure volunteers, authors visiting schools, anyone innocent, who wants to do good, but guilty by association and all a threat to society. The pen-pushers, the army of employees required to execute the rules and regulations are all indicative of a government in power but out of control. Where the state rules, and bit by bit they diminish freedom.

Socialism is a cancer. It bleeds internally. It is a beast that grows perpetually, and for all its good intention it is nothing more than an a theory of idealism.

Every member of the last government should have been admitted to Hammersmith Hospital, in intensive care and been fed this litanous menu which they so readily imposed on their victims.

I hope they choke on it! If there isn't anyone to save them, then they only have themselves to blame.


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  1. Hear, hear and I’ll have the roast beef with three veg.


    Comment by Spook | July 8, 2010 | Reply

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