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Lord Mandelson, Lord Prescott, and (coincidentally) monkey business!

Listening to Peter Mandelson flaunting his book "The Third Man", I was amazed at his outright hypocrisy. Today on the Jeremy Vine Show (BBC Radio 2) he almost broke into sobs when his 2001 acceptance speech on his re-election as MP for Hartlepool was replayed.

He waxed lyrical how the electors put faith in him, how he was a fighter, made of steel, and how he would continue the values of New Labour blah blah yawn yawn.

Oh purleeze! This astonishing display of emotion and reinvention came courtesy of the national broadcaster. He is not the Prince of Darkness (although he likes the moniker – vampires are cool these days), just a misunderstood simple soul who was the victim of nasty political machinations.

The fact that his book is stabbing in the back his former boss (Gordon Brown), and that he has timely released his memoirs now that the election is over, says more about his methods than his madness (or vice versa).

I don't mean to cause offence to the homely, comely folk of Hartlepool, but the fact is they would have voted Labour even if the candidate was a washed up monkey. It is the nature and culture of North-east industrial towns – they always vote Labour.

On the subject of suspect primates, the good folk of Hartlepool hanged one once as a spy. They had never seen a Frenchman before, and mistook the poor creature for one during the Napoleonic wars. I kid you not – see my post Monkey Business

Anyway, if Mandlebollocks has been rehabilitated then my granny is a chimpanzee.

The bad news is that the guy is also a peer in the House of Lords, with the grand title of Baron Mandelson of Foy and Hartlepool along with that other great hypocritical gorilla Lord John two jags Prescott (listen to this short entertaining interview with John Humphrys on Radio 4).

Wasn't it New Labour who abolished hereditary peers? In fact didn't they want to abolish the upper house entirely? How convenient that they kept it and appointed their own members.

The two of them should be put in the monkey cage of London Zoo where we can all throw bananas at them. Now that seems like a good idea.

Who said politics was boring! It's a laugh a minute!


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  1. It sure is a laugh a minute, they have no moral fibre or sense of justice these days. I know this, as witnessed them destroy a perfectly honest man and a beautiful little, central African country. All for the cause of expediency. So what’s changed?


    Comment by spook | July 21, 2010 | Reply

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