"..a bardy view!"

Computer Reviewers…………..Yawn!

I'm in the process of searching for a practical netbook and have just spent the last two hours in Hell. Is there anything more boring than reading reviews about computers? Yes, there is. It's watching reviews about computers, specifically on YouTube.

I have come across strange beings who can hardly string a sentence together, who wax lyrical about packaging and discuss its subsequent merits. Now the old adage about watching paint dry springs to mind. But that has surely been superseded by someone opening up a cardboard box.

Either these folk love the sound of their own voice, or hope to become the next model for Nivea hand cream. They may even be under the delusion that a Hollywood casting director might spot them and instantly propel them to stardom. Yup, I'm sure Ridley Scott is enthralled by the numerous talent(less) hopefuls describing 1GB Atom processors, USB ports, aerodynamic casing and the joys of clicklet keyboards.

I watched one fairly buxom wench giving a tutorial on the MSI Wind u130 (surely you know what that is!) spouting off a magnum opus of technical data, only to generate a reply which said "Nice tits". Which then sparked off a dozen more equally revering the well-meaning girl's melons.

But it gets worse. There are abundant young chaps who seem to think the viewer is more interested in their designer stubble and personal grooming than the aesthetic qualities of the object of their review.

It is an apathy-inducing pastime and I was left exhausted.

The chief protagonists are Americans and Germans. However I found an English bloke who became passionate about the difference between a 3 and 6 cell battery, but lost his street-cred when he couldn't fit the thing into the unit. One would have thought he would do a re-take, but I believe he got so carried away with his own self-importance that the cringing embarrassment passed him by.

If you can stand the mind-numbing assaults, and require more painful pastimes than waiting for a kettle to boil, or the minute hand to move on your clock, or indeed suffer from toothache and require a powerful anaesthetic, I highly recommend YouTube netbook reviews.


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  1. My dear old chap I highly recommend that you change your pastimes. Today for example, sit back and watch the Tri-Nations rugby at 10.30, it will be a dashed more pleasant than a computer review. That’s of a morning of, see you later.


    Comment by spook | July 24, 2010 | Reply

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