"..a bardy view!"

Blurred by Blair…The Fantastic Journey!

Such a delight to see Tony Blair publish his memoirs. I've been waiting with all the anticipation of a mastiff drooling over a T-Bone steak. I think not!

In fact, I would much rather have a T-Bone steak than a Tony Bone steak renowned for little meat but plenty fat and laced with heart damaging cholesterol. And that's speaking as a vegetarian. What on earth can he tell us in his book that we didn't already know or suspect? That he is an opportunist, a charlatan, a money grabbing deluded attention seeker, adept at self-promotion and surrounded by sycophantic friends.

Had he not gone into politics he may have given Tom Cruise a run for his money (Now there's a pair who seem suited).

He lauded over George Bush, and took the country blindly into disastrous territory. He had issues with Gordon Brown but still managed to collude with him to create him as unelected successor. I almost feel sorry for Gordon, and I never thought I would say that.

So far he has not only criticised him but also his right-hand spin doctor Alistair Campbell implying that he was a megalomaniac; criticised his old pal John Prescott over having an affair (who didn't?); criticised the Queen because of her reaction over Diana's death; and has admitted to shedding tears of the loss of soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan whilst still maintaining that sending them there was the right thing to do.

He's admitted to hitting the wine and whisky now and again, but as the subsidised Westminster bars are frequented by MPs regularly, this is hardly a revelation. Most members are probably gagging for the hard stuff to sustain themselves anyway. 

I don't think I can take anymore. He believes that New Labour was the saviour of the nation, and suggests on TV that the new torch bearer is David Milliband. That is bad news for Millipede senior. With friends like that you don't need enemies.

Judging by the thickness of the book it may make a perfect doorstop or table leg support. Political memoirs rarely live up to expectation, and after a short time they will be found on Amazon seller stores for 0.1p plus £2.75 post and packing. Why would anyone pay p&p for something worthless? Wait another three months and the book will be lying gathering dust at a car boot sale. It won't even achieve paperback status.

It's time to kick Tony Blair and the whole shower of New Labour into touch. We will be paying for their legacy for years to come. Good riddance to bad rubbish says I.

I was hoping to begin September with a more upbeat post, but bad pennies always turn up to spoil things. I wonder if I can get through the rest of the month without reference to that subject which forever will be "he that shall not be named"?

I'm off to Egypt soon for a Nile cruise. Now that is something positive to write about!


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  1. Spot on the button as per usual. The world has become a sad, sad place, yet people still persist in backing all these fools. Therein lies the true tragedy. Why, oh why, can nobody see through this?
    I happened to read a great quote the other day, but sadly, do not remember the author of it. It went along the lines,” these days if you start winning an argument against a liberal you are automatically a racist.” Think about it. How true? Subsequently any one who even remotely refers to a member of another race, is automatically labelled as a bigot or racist. All evidence to the contrary notwithstanding and are not allowed any say whatsoever in the media. Yet people who are real racists have free vent whenever and whatever they feel like. Think about it, you don’t believe me, look around you? My whole personal life has been ruined by aforesaid people. All my life I have never been bitter, but now I am and it has got to stop, full stop. Yet nowhere are you allowed to mention it?


    Comment by Spook Moor | September 1, 2010 | Reply

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