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It’s Déjà vu! “Mr Livingstone I presume?”

The London Labourites have regressed to the past and nominated Ken Livingstone to run against Mayor Boris Johnson in 2012 – just prior to the Olympics. Was there no one else available other than Oona King, who was substantially beaten? Pleasant enough, but Mayor material she is not, and is still sore at being ousted of her parliamentary seat by maverick George Galloway.

But never mind that – do Londoners really want to resurrect "Red" Ken, whose priority is to restore the western section of the Congestion Zone (after Boris has decided to abolish it) as well as many other of his daft and negative ideas?

Listening to Livingstone's acceptance speech it is full of the same old socialist rhetoric about reducing fares, making life equal, reducing poverty, making London greener and more environmentally friendly, submitting to EU bureaucracy, wanting it to be a hub for the emerging economic markets of India and China etc etc. This from the guy who believed that Hugo Chavez of Venezuela was a friend worth having, as well as inviting suspect representatives of religious groups with extreme and unpalatable views; knocking Boris for his cuts, reneging on his manifesto promises,and refusing to talk to the transport unions and playing the class card.

Why should Boris talk to militant union leaders like Bob Crow, who no doubt laments he was born at the wrong time and should have been a significant force in the miserable 1970's when the Trades Union Congress leaders like Vic Feather and Len Murray would regularly turn up at Downing Street for tea with threats of strikes and hold to ransom the then pathetic Labour Governments of Wilson and Callaghan? We can only be grateful that Michael Foot and Neil Kinnock never reached number 10. (And don't get me started on Crow's other pals – the fossilised designer-suited Unite Union leaders Tony Woodley and Derek Simpson who appear intent on bringing down British Airways! Good grief – this trinity would plunge us all back 35 years if they had their way.)

Contrary to misguided belief, particularly his own, Ken Livingstone is not "Mr London", and still festers over Margaret Thatcher's abolition of the Greater London Council when he was the leader of it. He's been in and out of the cold – shunned by Tony Blair and the last Labour Government, but here he is welcomed back into the fold with all the hypocrisy that New Labour was famed for.

Why can't he just shut up and retire? I'm heartily sick of Livingstone and his dinosaur socialist ways, and I'm equally sick of the defeated Labourites like Harriet Harman who now embrace him harking back to a time to a dreamlike golden age, but oblivious that it was a dark one, refusing to accept or take responsibility for the damage they inflicted on this once great nation over the last 13 years.

Furthermore, I don't want him to be representing London at the Olympics, I want to see a jolly, vibrant, intelligent and socially adept, humorous and entertaining mayor like Boris, who for all his peccadilloes and idiosyncrasy, is the right man for this fantastic city.

Livingstone will pander to any minority on the assumption that if he defends them all they will be enough to vote for him. We've been there, seen it, lived it, and suffered it.

For Gawd's sake ignore him and perhaps he'll go away.


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