"..a bardy view!"

An (Ed)ucation…..

Thanks to the very folk mentioned in my last post – (those new trade union barons) – they who successfully wedged a little known bloke to be anointed as Labour leader – a "Milliband" – a younger brother of the last Foreign Secretary under the last New-Labour Government.

The new, new-Labour harks back to more socialist roots, and the young pretender decries his party's previous record under Blair and Brown. Decries there invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, decries their erosion of civil liberties, decries their record on immigration, and decries…well, you name it – he's pissed off about all of it.

Yet he is supported by the very people who were happy to go along with it all in the past. Are Labour supporters so stupid, so ignorant that they think that this new man will restore their true values? Which are what exactly?

Lets get a reality check. If Labour won the last election, everyone of those now stabbing Brown and Blair's record would be happy to continue within it. They would all be looking for further cabinet posts or positioning themselves in the wheels of government.

A bigger bunch of hypocrites would be rare to find. But look at those now jockeying for the shadow cabinet. If they were so against their previous master's policies, why on earth did they not object to them then? Why did they not stand up and be counted? How is it they now have the crass front to bite the hand which fed them for so long?

Because they are all weak, pathetic and self serving arse licking sycophants. They make me sick!

The winners in this new age of old Labour are the unions. They are finally reclaiming lost ground. The top dogs of the biggest unions are paid very well, wear designer clothes, live in luxury homes and avail themselves of generous expenses. They do it at the expense of the workers they represent. They profess utilitarianism and deontological ethics embraced with Marxism.

Union membership is falling, and the Labour Party of the early 20th century is far removed from the original cause. Yet the new dinosaur militant union leaders cannot accept that. Derek Simpson of Unite (whose union instigated Ed Milliband to the Labour leadership, says he does not want strikes and agrees that jaw jaw is better than war war. (He didn't use those words – but they are apt). Yet he and his fellow Unite leader Tony Woodley, representing a small contingency of disaffected British Airways cabin crew, continue to hold the airline to ransom. These guys would have flourished during American prohibition. Al Capone had nothing on them.

Let us see the strength of Ed the Millibland the next time Unite flex their muscles. In the meantime Bob Crow's Transport Union is due to strike on the London Underground. Lets see the new Labour leader's reaction to this. Lets see how the great hypocritical old/new/old Labour shadow cabinet reacts to that!


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