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Life on Gliese – what’s that in lbs and ozs?

A bod at the university of California says he's "100 per cent sure that a newly discovered planet is home to alien life."

In fact he has almost no doubt about it. What he means is that he is almost 100 per cent sure. Which is not a certainty at all.

20 light years away, Gleise 581g (where do they get the names from? It sounds like an ingredient for a sherry trifle) is an exoplanet orbiting an M-class dwarf star.

This should not be confused with the c-class restricted growth star T-Cruise.

Gleise 581g (that sounds metric and personally I feel it should be in Imperial measurement ie 20oz or 1.5 lbs) is known as a tidally locked planet in the Goldilocks zone (I won't talk about fairy tales, I'll leave that to the professor and his pals who are clearly overdosed on porridge).

In other words one side is always facing the star and bathed in perpetual daylight, whilst the other is always in darkness (tidally locked). Goldilocks refers to an area at a distance from a star not to hot and not to cold allowing liquid water to form.

Hmm? If it could be renamed to Gleise 20 Oz, the place must surely be Australia. Perhaps our eminent scientist had his telescope upside down.

I don't see the big issue here. It's been known for sometime that life exists in Australia, alien or otherwise.

Whilst many consider the place to be light years away, I can personally vouch for the fact that it is possible to get there within 48 hours, and warp drive is not necessary. Unless of course you travel on Royal Brunei Airlines, which seems like a very warped astronomical journey . But as long as you don't give a Castlemaine xxxx, the trip will be rewarded, for life does indeed exist down there.

I am 100 percent sure. I have almost no doubt about it!

Apologies to sensitive antipodeans.


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