"..a bardy view!"

Cebu Pacific Ladies Go Gaga!

This is surely going to make me a jolly contented
flyer. Not!

Cebu Pacific is an airline which wants to put the fun back into
flying, and God knows there's precious little of that these days. So here we
have their flight attendants dancing and gyrating whilst demonstrating the
safety instructions.

Physical demonstrations by cabin crew, especially mid to
long-haul, are getting rarer, and many airlines now inform passengers about
flight safety through the entertainment systems. Well I'm all for entertainment
and any other types of distraction to prevent the mind-numbing tediousness of
air travel, but I have to draw the line on this one.

Flight safety is important, and no matter how many times I fly, I
always pay particular attention to the instructions, and yes, I even read the
safety leaflet in the chair pocket! I am not one of those people who pretend
they've heard it all before and bury their heads in a newspaper with such blasé indifference.

Equally nor am I paranoid, but embrace what comforts there are, and I'll be
the first to kick-off my shoes when the seat-belt light goes out. But watching
these Cebu Pacific prancers (however appealing to the eye) strutting their
stuff to Lady Gaga and expecting the passengers to feel contentment about being
entrusted to them for the next couple of hours or more, is stretching things too

The flight attendants are there primarily (contrary to popular belief)
for passenger safety and security. The serving of refreshments and meals are
purely secondary. Sadly the derogatory moniker "Trolley Dolly" seems
to have been resurrected for these likable but misguided young ladies, and I would
urge the airline to restore some dignity back to them and their profession and not
expect them to perform like a girl group on X-Factor.

Which also seems to be the line adopted by the Flight Attendants and Stewards Association of the Philippines (FASAP) who have frowned upon the exercise for portraying negative stereotypes for female cabin crew. I'm not a prude and there is nothing wrong with light relief in the right context, but this doesn't fit remotely, and I make no apology for being a killjoy.

The general perception of the Philippines is that it
doesn't take itself seriously and is lax in health and safety. Well, its
domestic flight record is rather good, but it has the worst record of ferry
disasters than anywhere else in the world.

On top of that, last April, the European Commission announced an operating ban on
all air carriers certified in the
This follows an audit
carried out by ICAO six
months earlier in October. The EU ban has been imposed because the
Philippine regulatory authority is unable to verify that these airlines comply
with international safety standards

And yet the average aircraft age of the national carrier PAL compares favourably with BA and Virgin. So they are clearly not old
buckets like those used by some less conscientious countries I would not stoop to mention.

Unfortunately the Philippines doesn't
blow her trumpet very well or very often, and the negative views and
perceptions all add up to a shoddy image. It's tough to get tourists there at
the best of times. Ten times more visit
Thailand, and that's
even when there is civil war on the streets of

Look, I'm all for a laugh and a joke, but there is a time and a
place. I want my cabin crew to instill confidence and exude reassurance. After
all, when I board a plane I'm putting my life in their hands. It's not a
London bus.
I can't choose to get off whenever the fancy takes me!

In their defence I'd like to point out that a more conventional
display was rendered prior to take off, and this was just an experiment. Let's
hope it stays that way.
It's definitely not a good reason to fly!

By the way, here's some interesting statistics about aviation
accidents. They are extremely rare, with the probability of a passenger being
killed on a single flight at approximately eight million-to-one.

If a passenger
boarded a flight at random, once a day, everyday, it would statistically be
over 21,000 years before he or she would be killed. Maybe Cebu Pacific Airlines could
choreograph that nugget into their routine. Now that would be a comfort!


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  1. Thanks for dropping by on my blog. I’ve never been flying on an airplane but of course, common sense that as a first timer you should listen or read the safety demo.
    The flight attendant can’t control the customers, who fly with them, will all listen or not with his/her safety demo. With this gimmick they have, the people paid attention with their safety demo. It’s on the people if they focus on the safety demo or the dancing. As what I’ve said earlier common sense.
    I still don’t know what’s wrong with female FAs dancing. The airline also presented male FAs dancing. What’s the difference between female and male FAs dancing? If some people focus on the ladies, I think they are discriminating the gender because some are so dirty minded that they will eventually integrate it to s3x like ladies dancing and stripping on the night bar.
    Or maybe the choice of music like of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry? We all knew that these female singers are portraying sexy acts on their music videos and may be that was the reason that some people integrate it to s3x.
    Please don’t ever compare those female flight attendants to a group of ladies on X factor or any girls on night bars. These ladies are all educated and bachelor graduates. It just happened that they are all gifted with the talent of dancing.
    I’ve heard a group saying that the FAs dancing is kind of exploitative. For me, it’s not for they were not naked while dancing.
    The FAs are enjoying with their job and it is their duty to bring happiness with their customers who fly with them.
    By the way, what happened to the FAs and pilots of PAL? We have all seen and heard that they quit and were on strike.
    It is not really a question that FAs of Cebu Pacific are really enjoying their job and enjoy working with their employer.
    That’s all I can say. Thank you. ^_^
    p.s. sorry for the wrong grammar if there’s any.


    Comment by Rox | October 10, 2010 | Reply

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