"..a bardy view!"

I've been searching for a travelogue platform to write in real time about my day to day travel experiences. Travelbloglogo.3

There are many social network travel sites – Virtual Tourist and Globosapiens for example (I've dabbled with them both) but I find most of them rather self-aggrandizing. 

What I find particularly unsavoury for my palette is the need for members of these sites to accompany their moniker with slogans or mottos. You know the type of thing "Take nothing but your memories, leave nothing but your footprints" (actually that could be one of mine), or "A million miles starts from a single step", and so on ad nauseam.

What is it with people who seem to think their motto is profound and unique, when in essence they have been said before, over and over by someone else – perhaps with slight variation?

My own (yes, I have one on one of the aforementioned) is "Leave your mottos at home – they're  pretentious". Hmmm, that could be construed as quite pretentious too! Best not to have any in my opinion.

Still, after a little research I have landed on Travelblog. I like its crisp and clear presentation. I like its informative and educational elements, and I like its ease of use.

I like the discreet advertising which is not "in yer face", and I am impressed by the quality of contributions. I would be happy to pay a small subscription for it (such as I do here on typepad), but Travelblog is free – gratis! I like it's professional yet understated approach, and I admire its confidence. (I'm not being paid for this article incidentally).

So the facility in a nutshell is that a day to day travelogue can be generated and uploaded at will, but if an internet connection was poor, then it can be saved easily and hassle free. Friends and acquaintances can read the daily (or weekly) events, with accompanying photos, and can be kept up to date. To dip in or out at their leasure. Indeed, they may even see their own friends and relations at the same time depending where their correspondent may be! This is a lot more practical (and more fun) than sending emails, and it has the potential to generate a much wider, but no less interested audience.

For me this is an exciting prospect. All good things need a method of delivery. Sites like Facebook, twitter, Hubpages, Squidoo and blogs such as this are perfectly positioned to be utilised for it.

So now I embark on the next step.

And the motto is? Watch this space.

Now…that would make a good one!


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