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The Prince, the Prime Minister and the Prima Donnas…..

It has been suggested that England lost her World Cup 2018 bid because of the negative allegations by the British media of corruption within certain sections of the Federation of Insidious Football Apparatchiks (FIFA).There are many who believe that these revelations should have been postponed.

Those who think that have clearly lost their moral compass. The notion that the the BBC should have waited until after the results of the bid to disclose their suspicions would pander to corrupt manipulation akin to the antithesis of that which they were prepared to expose.

If there was a gong for fair play laced with naivety then England would get the gold. I found the presentation cringing in the extreme. The future king waxing lyrical about his passion for football (since when have the royals been associated with chanting on the terraces?), and the PM thinking that his oratory skills (commendable as they are) could convince a secret society whose snouts are so embedded in a trough of detritus, together with a charming but flawed football star emotionally reminiscing on his granddad, could sway at the eleventh hour a decision which had been clearly decided months ago beggars belief.

Add to that an "ambassador" who almost said that if it hadn't been for football he would have ended up in criminal gangs, portraying a picture of Manchester populated by disillusioned, directionless and violent youths, where the only escape is to kick a leather ball around, and the image of England was sealed – hook, line and sinker.

The accompanying film espousing English football's reverence around the world, without a single cultural emphasis on the nation which invented it, with all the traditions, values and sense of sportsmanship missing, left me as a viewer in despair. And yet this was expected to convince an international disparate group of 22 voters, each with a personal agenda, to embrace this tosh with open arms.

What is it with the English that they must continue to push a politically correct, multi-cultural, ethnic melting pot at the expense of the majority who are, fundamentally English, diverse and proud, and would like to see some decent flag waving for a change.

What is it with the English who think they must promote a legacy for the world? We already did that and we don't need to apologise anymore by disguising our achievements wrapped up in gobbledegook. For God's sake, stand up and shout out who we are. That's what the Russians did. And if the bid was stitched up in some way by the "mafia state", and if it was obvious that tournaments must go to those parts of the world which have never held it before, then we should have expected it. South Africa this year, Brazil in 2014, now Russia in 2018 and Qatar(!) in 2022.

If we only got 2 votes (one of which from the British delegate) spare a thought for the Australians who only got one for the 2022 bid, who also spent much more than England. This travesty is preposterous and cost us £15m.

The chief arsehole Sepp Blatter could not have wished for greater credence than to see three eminent visitors fawn themselves in Zurich – one of whom was a prince and the other a prime minister.

Enough of this nonsense, and shame on England for not having greater intelligence.

Finally, if there is any good to come out of this, it is that the independence of the British media was not influenced and went ahead regardless. Which highlights another point. If the votes went against England because of that, then clearly it merely enhances the suspicions. It means the bid was not won on merit but lost on spite. If that is the culture of FIFA then to hell with them, and lets be proud that our national broadcaster had the guts to go to air when they did. Russians take note.

The right thing to do would be to boycott the competition until a transparent root and branch reform was implemented. And those pigs might fly.


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