"..a bardy view!"

Churchill and the piss-pots he fought for……..

Whilst some of our future brain boxes where pissing on Churchill's statue in Parliament Square, or climbing up a flag at the Cenotaph, another group high on testosterone with the usual common daily pocket contents of paint, snooker and golf balls suddenly found themselves in the direct path of non other than a Royal Rolls carry the future king of England and his consort. Writers of fiction take note. Nothing is impossible. Churchilldefacement

Chanting "off with their heads" and somewhat familiar even colloquial expletives to the bemused Charles, they pounced on his vehicle with all the venom of a mob which would not have been out of place during the French revolution.

Rumour has it that some old toothless hag was knitting on the balcony of the London Palladium.

Camilla could clearly be seen mouthing "let them eat cake" by some of the little naive prats, as she looked horrified at the baying crowd. Too bad she didn't have any to pelt with them as they tried to poke her through the windows.

I suggest she carries an English sherry trifle in future, ready for the next installment of Carry on Royally. Jokes aside this was a serious matter and one wonders how the mob would have reacted had non other than the Queen been in the car instead?

Student protest is a tradition in this country and its been many years since they were so anarchic. However this generation of young aspired have really never had it so good. Whatever the merits or otherwise of the increased fees for graduates, thirteen years of New Labour political correctness and health and safety have suffocated the police, the law, and how society reacts to protest.

I despair for the police, because any percieved aggressive act on their part, or moment of force, will result in a public inquiry and an officer could be reprimanded, dismissed and even charged.

To expect them to behave reasonably in the face of extreme threat is asking too much, and we should be supporting them – not chastising them. Furthermore, news cameras and phone cameras are ever present. Their every move is under scrutiny. Horses are clearly an important element to their operation, yet these creatures are also vulnerable, and the alternative would be armoured vehicles shooting water cannon or rubber bullets. A common response in most other countries.

The chattering classes and those who really should know better would like to see security heads roll for the management surrounding this event. It does beggar belief that on a well broadcast day of action, the Prince of Wales will be driven sedately in a sedan of Edwardian vintage on route to a Royal Variety Performance just a stones throw from the Palace of Westminster where all hell is breaking out.

He was even seen giving the royal wave at the protesters, probably in the hope that this is always the best policy. The armoured Bentley would surely have been the best mode of transport, but heck, this is England and that's how we do things. Nor do we have banana republic dictators who require tanks surrounded by military bully boys, nor do our prime ministers traditionally have an entourage of black cadillac sedans occupied by shaded characters more suited to a Bond movie.

Look, we are losing freedoms left right and centre. The more terrorist threats which we fear and more violent protests will diminish them further. Students or anarchists (for whatever cause) who believe in the right of protest in a democracy also have a duty of responsibility to keep it. There are no winners in this type of action.

But one thing above all requires serious self analysis. Defecating on memorials which were erected to the memory of those who fought and died for those to have the freedom to commit such acts is a diabolical insult. If our universities mean anything, than they can instil values on their charges. Left-wing academics and tutors who remain silent merely condone. In which case they don't deserve to be in their positions.

There will be some sore heads today. But with luck they may have had some sense knocked into them.


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  1. I very much doubt they will have had some sense knocked into them? I can almost assure you that they will be squealing about police brutality. Never had the remotest idea of them defecating on the statues. Surely, that puts them and their type into perspective? What on earth have we all come to?


    Comment by Spook Moor | December 10, 2010 | Reply

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