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Helium. Where the Crap always Rises…….

I write occasionally on Helium, and most of my output earns mere pennies. Not because I write rubbish (some may disagree), but much of it is not in categories which generate interest. Helium-760630 For example an article on the politics of Jose Rizal, or an appraisal of Joseph Conrad will not compete with a critique of the latest blockbuster movie or an analysis of the iPad.That is the name of the game.

In order to make a few bob, targeting is key and keywords are the target.

This is the general rule of thumb in most web-writing platforms. If an article cannot link to popular advertising (clicks), then for all its worthiness it will linger unread and unloved and eventually die a slow painful death.

Writers must be prolific to earn an income on the web, and invariably a dilution of quality will take precedence. Quantity over quality is the norm. Good writers will earn money if they find the right medium. Bad writers will earn money based on productivity. Good or bad, the system encourages mercenary output.

At some point the desire to write will be overtaken by the need. Desire and need – two similar words, but with very different meanings.

In a real world, people do not sell off their principles, but in the virtual world, it is very easy to abandon them.

I've been looking at my high earning articles on Helium and a handful stand out. These are in categories which are not blatant exploitation to maximise advertising, but just happen to be popular. They are dollar earners as opposed to cents:

The effects of deforestation

Free things to do in London

Tips for visiting Rome

Best cities in the world

Tips for first-time and infrequent travelers

Travel destinations: The Philippines

These articles represent less than 10% of my portfolio on Helium, none are #1, yet they are the highest earners (for me) and fall into two overall categories; Conservation and travel.

None of them pander to hot keywords, but they do pander to specific interest. They are virtuous insofar that they were not produced to jump on bandwagons.

Horses for courses. My advice to writers is do not dilute your skills, but hone them, enhance them and stick to your core expertise. Don't abandon your principles, and don't sell yourself short.

January 7, 2011 - Posted by | Conservation, Culture, Education, General, Helium, The Philippines, Travel, United Kingdom


  1. Well, hello His Bardiness, am glad to see you are still active in the writing trade. All the best for the 2011 journey ahead!


    Comment by Anne C. | January 8, 2011 | Reply

  2. I was looking for the same info about virtually identical & finally i got my answer from your post thanks for sharing this useful info.!


    Comment by jdinflatables | August 13, 2012 | Reply

  3. Many thanks for your comment jdinflatables and although I wrote this 18 months ago – nothing has changed, although I do believe that headlines and images can now be permitted on Helium articles, but again it’s targeting and keyword/pic orientated.


    Comment by Bar De Ness | August 13, 2012 | Reply

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