"..a bardy view!"

Being Grumpy….

Of the seven dwarfs in Snow White (perhaps I should say seven persons of restricted growth), only Grumpy Grumpy had his head screwed on.

The other six, namely Bashful, Dopey, Doc, Happy, Sleepy and Sneezy were all living in fairy-tale land.

Bashful and Dopey were cut from the same cloth ie shy and stupid, and Happy and Sleepy were easily pleased.

Doc was a suspect medical practitioner, and lets face it, he couldn't even cure Sneezy from his embarrassing ailment, and failed miserably to keep awake the somnambulant Sleepy.

Only one had a modicum of awareness, a critical eye, and an unsentimental disposition. It was Grumpy.

If Walt Disney hadn't given him his sentimental emotional treatment at the end, he would go down in history as a thoroughly heartless character. Indeed, a sequel would have been made along the lines of Grumpy – the Evil Midget.

Quite what these seven industrious little men were doing living together in a forest singing "Hi ho hi ho, its off to work we go" is a mystery.

Their honourable behaviour towards a beautiful young woman is commendable. That would never happen these days.

Today Bashful would be creepy, Dopey would be dangerous, Happy would be weird, Sleepy would be sleazy, Sneezy would be sick, and Doc would have been struck off for malpractice. That only leaves Grumpy. The only sane one of the bunch.

The Evil Queen would have been regarded as schizophrenic and promptly dispatched to an institution to spend her days picking apples. The handsome prince would have been a thorough wimp who took advantage of a helpless girl, and after a quick gallop would have galloped off into the sunset just after kissing her goodbye. Yeah. Sure!  Snowhite2  

As for the heroine, she would have become prematurely grey, in perpetual servitude looking after a bunch of crazies. Only Grumpy, the wise old boring fart, (the real hero), could deliver her from this backwater hell, and together after a gory finale, would have finished off the perverted hillbilly clan, and lived happily ever after. Not likely! Grumpy would have continued being grumpy, and Snow White would have won on X-Factor to become a one hit cash cow for Simon Cowell. (Is that him in the doorway?)

What innocent times we live in.

Being grumpy, particularly in later years, is a badge of honour. Awarded for experience, trials and tribulations, and particularly through parenthood.

Grumpy people aren't unhappy, on the contrary, they are delightful observers of society and culture.

They are witty, humorous, never sarcastic, but highly cynical. They are survivors, and seasoned veterans.

When they were young, they honed their skills, as indeed did the generation before them. Without grumpy folk, life would be a sham, an illusion, a pretence, and a jolly romp which would end in pain.

Don't be grumpy about the grumpy folk. They are grumpy for a good reason. If you become grumpy be proud you made it. And above all, don't believe in fairy tales.



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  1. Who said this was a fairy tale? I’m not grumpy in the slightest, believe you me. I have wisdom, life experience and a whole lot more. Cynical? What does that mean? A grumpy old man. I better leave before I become more erudite? Is that possible? In the meantime, long live the Ashes, come home at last. I sign myself, just another grumpy young man.


    Comment by Spook Moor | January 11, 2011 | Reply

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