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Dot UK…..

…..Meanwhile The UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) report for the same period (see last post) stated that 30 million overseas residents visited the United Kingdom.

In the same period (2010) 53 million UK residents went abroad.

The population of the UK is estimated at 60m. Soon a new census will be counted in March, and the likelihood is that it could be much greater. But the figures state that there are more British going overseas for recreation than those visiting.

UK airports are operating at full capacity.The British are not phased by politics, terrorism, weather, or industrial action. One wonders if this is a stoical approach built into their DNA?

Not a day goes by without some scare or heart-pounding event, indeed the Brits seem  colour-blind to the see-saw threat levels, and yet they methodically continue to make sure that they will get their holiday regardless. This spirit is unique. Recently British tourists were caught up in the Tunisian troubles, but the majority were more pissed off that their vacation was spoilt, and less bothered about the politics of the situation. It's really not cricket old chap! Why can't those countries get their act together? Carry on up the Khyber!

In the meantime, international sham diplomacy continues with depressing regularity. The USA loses their sense of humour, the European Union dwells on bureaucracy, the Arab world hiccups and burps, extreme islamic terrorists blow themselves up in Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. 24 hour news programmes perpetually broadcasts horror and destruction.

Yet, 53 million (that's right – 53 million!) British subjects, possibly the most educated people in the world, and if not, certainly the most potentially well educated, with free access to information, every minute of every day, chose to leave their homeland for a holiday.

These people cannot be broken or worried. They come from stock which was honed through empire, and a way of life which runs through their blood. The average Brit would more likely complain about a weak cup of tea served in a hotel, than worry about rampant disturbance and revolution on the streets outside. 

Overweight and over indulged, and better off then previous generations, they are beneficiaries of a unique legacy.

A French woman remarked one day that Paris was much more beautiful than London. Her English friend replied "That's because we didn't surrender."

That's right. The British didn't capitulate, they didn't surrender, and they were bombed to virtual oblivion. Yes Paris is more beautiful. But that's because they allowed Hitler to march in. The French know this, much to their shame.

And let's face it – the Brits don't wear their hearts on their sleeves, don't have a constitution, do not have a republic, but have a constitutional monarchy, a solid parliament, they sit on firm foundations, and for all their whinging pom mentality, can be confident in their multicultural skins. The Victorians believed that God was an Englishman.That is questionable. But surely he must drink tea!


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